31 May

Keep your kids fit while in quarantine

Keep your kids fit while in quarantine:

Quarantine means a place of isolation. It has been more than a year since when we were quarantined in our homes. We can’t go out, we can’t meet people, we can’t hang out over here and there because we all are scared of an infection. It has become very important to keep ourselves safe from the spreading of the infectious disease.

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For we elders it is not so difficult to be inside of our homes since we are busy with our office work and home chores. But when it is a question of kids, it is very difficult for them to be inside the home all the time. They become very fussy and very irritating as they are the one who are super active and want to be in one or the other activity all the time. So how can we keep our kids healthy, happy and fit during this time?

Do some physical activity:

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It’s true, due to the corona we can’t go out, therefore our physical activities have been decreasing now a day. Try to do some exercises or yoga at home and include your child in the same. They love to do such kind of things. You can use an empty corner of your home to play some game like cricket or catching a ball, which will keep them happy and fit.

Read with them:

Often children get bored when they see their parents in front of a laptop or holding a mobile, and this is what they too want to do. Read books with them, make book reading a habit. When you make it a habit, your child also imitates you.

woman in gray long sleeve shirt sitting beside boy in orange crew neck shirt

Do their favourite activities:

Try to include yourself in doing their favourite activities like drawing, painting, paper crafting etc. It will make them happy and can also teach them something from you.

child playing game on white ipad

Prepare their favourite cuisine at home:

Due to the corona, it is better not to eat outside. But kids do like to eat some junk food which is very tasty. When you prepare this junk food at home, it becomes healthy and good for the child to eat. So don’t hesitate to prepare pizza or French fries for your kid.

slice of pizza on dish

Try to induce positive mantra in them:

Morning is the best time to do something good. So when they wake up in the morning, cuddle them a lot, along with saying some positive things, like, “My child is so good, he is so happy without going out in this corona,” and you can also say things like, respect others, help everybody etc. These will make them mentally strong to be happy in this quarantine period.

girl in gray jacket whispering on boy's right ear

Love them, understand them, and stay with them this much is enough for them to stay fit in any circumstances.

“In all this world there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child.” L.Frank.Baum

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