29 May

Transform your kids to be successful kids of tomorrow

In today’s highly competitive world it’s very hard to attain success. Generally parents think, it’s ok if their kids are good at studies. But reality is somewhat different. In today’s world only those could be successful who are street smart. So what could be done to develop our kids in all the aspects.

Listen to your kids 

Most of the time we don’t give much importance to listening to what our kids want to say. This is one of the main reasons why some kids become reserved in themselves and refrain from talking to others. Listening is an art of showing others, how much value they have in our life. When we listen to our kids they understand , how much loved they are and this builds their confidence and communication abilities.

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Try not to burden your kid with different activities

Many a time I have seen parents indulging their kids in different kinds of activities, without thinking whether they are interested in those or not. Over burdened kids are less active and don’t show interest in anything.

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Try to spend time with your kid

In this modern era where both parents are working, kids are thrown in daycare, where there is nobody to take their proper care. Kids keep on searching for people who can show them a little love and care. So it’s always good to spend time with them so that they understand that their parents love them. A kid who is being loved is more confident than a kid who is busy doing activities all the time.

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Eat healthy

Eating healthy food not only keeps our body healthy but our mind is also healthy. Try to provide your kid with proper and healthy food which will keep them healthy both physically and mentally.

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Play board games with them

Play chess or card games with your child so that they can learn how and when to use their intelligence.This can help your child build positive skills and confidence. This is the best procedure to make their brain work, to develop a problem solving attitude in them. Play board games at least for one hour daily, with your kids.

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Read books with them

Reading books is the best habit to boost confidence in kids. This not only develops their reading ability but also imparts values to them. When you read books with your kid, reading becomes a fun for them which helps them to develop the language as well as come across new words. This also inculcates a positive thinking attitude in them.

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“A happy childhood is one of the best gifts that parents have in their power to bestow.”…May Cholmondeley.

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