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Enhance social skills in your child

Enhance social skills in your child:

It is more frustrating and sad to see your kids not making any friends or struggling to fit in with a particular society or a group of people. To avoid all these, you have to teach them a few social skills, which will help them communicate better and get along with the community. If these are taught at an early age, they can get maximum benefits from these social skills in their life later on. Here are the main social skills that you can teach to your kid.

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1. Follow their interests.

It is always important to give importance to your kids’ interests. Enjoying others will be a natural process if they genuinely do things they are interested in, that can be music, reading books, dancing, and many more. It is easier for a kid to get along with like-minded people than people with different interests. This can slowly change as time goes on. Slowly they will start interacting with people who have various interests.

2. The role-play works:

Yes, role play is an important factor when you are improving your kids’ social skills. Try enacting plays where the kid plays stranger roles of people with whom they can’t get along. This will definitely change their view about that person. Don’t forget about body language like eye contact and smiling, which is another important factor that can increase your social engagement skills.

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3. Teach to ask questions.

There are several ways kids can initiate and carry on a positive conversation with others. One of the best ways is by asking questions. This helps them get to know each other better and form a better connection. So encourage your kids to ask questions which can be answered with a simple yes or no. This will increase the engagement between kids and lead to better bonds.

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4. Teach Empathy.

It is important for kids to understand how others feel. In such cases, they are more likely to form positive bonds and better connections with people. Talk about different situations with your kids and ask them how people react to different situations. This will not only help them to understand people better but also increases their concentration on what others are saying.

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5. Be a Good Role Model.

It is important for every parent to stay conscious when they are around kids. As they look up to you as their role model, there are chances that they will imitate your actions. Are you actively listening to what people say? Are you asking when you don’t know about a particular thing? Are you being rude? Do you show genuine empathy to your friends and family? All these things matter when you are surrounded by kids. Be a role model for them! This reflects their future self. It will take time for kids to develop all these social skills. But trust me, these are not something that has to be learned in a day, they are something that is to be developed and improved over a lifetime.

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“Empathy and social skills are social intelligence, the interpersonal part of emotional intelligence. That’s why they look alike.” …… Daniel Goleman

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