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GradX – Rethink Education

GradX – Rethink Education

In this technological era classroom teaching is something which might not fulfil the requirement of our children. This led us to think and rethink on how we can fulfill their needs, and we came out with a new form of education. Gradx, a complete platform to transform your kid to be a successful professional of tomorrow. In Gradx our courses are designed to develop the skills which are required to succeed in today’s world.

Courses for all the stages of a child’s development

Most of the time parents search for courses for their kid, and it keeps changing according to their developmental stages. Gradx is the only platform on which you can find courses for all the stages, for the all-round development of a child.

GradX Kid for ages 4 to 12:

Our foundational courses are a mixture of language, literacy and numeracy skills. We have qualified international teachers who are equipped to develop the foundational skills of each child through their personified attention.

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GradX Teen for ages 13 to 17:

Develop core skills of your child and facilitate them to be fully prepared for life and work in the future modern global economy. At Gradx we help them develop required skills and transform them into an innovative and critical thinker, and individuals capable of changing the world according to their needs.


GradX Pro to develop your professional skills with us:

Being professional means being confident. But confidence comes only when you are equipped with various skills to face the world. Join us to develop your skills on communication, collaboration, problem solving, creativity, technology and leadership.

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Our courses are designed to fulfil the needs of a child, towards fulfilling the needs to be a successful professional.

We provide online, live, 1-on-1 and group classes.

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Why choose GradX?

Our innovative online platform enables expert global teachers to share their knowledge with students in a live and immersive classroom environment. This allows parents to ensure that their children have access to international learning opportunities right at home, resulting in the development of the next generation of lifelong learners, innovators, and global citizens.

Practical skills


Personalised attention

Expert teachers

Find out if GradX is the right fit with a risk-free trial class.

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