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Why brain development is most important between the ages 2-7.

Why brain development is most important between the ages 2-7.

We all love to see our children grow. Growing children show different behaviour patterns in different development stages accordingly. First, they learn to imitate the words which we speak, then they learn to walk, talk, smile, love, and, lastly, to read and write.
But if any of these milestones are not reached, we get worried about it, isn’t it?

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Brain development is very important in kids, which takes place in phases where the first phase takes place at the age of two and the second in their adolescence. Most of the time we see kids asking questions about various things around them, that shows that their brains are developing, and that is why they want to know about everything.

I remember my child telling me the right path when I got confused. I told him “your mom always forgets the paths, but it’s good that you remember them.” We think that for a small kid who is six years old, remembering paths is something next to impossible. But it’s not correct, their brains are growing, and they observe everything around them.

Early childhood is very difficult when they observe and learn things, but at the same time their grasping power is very high. We can introduce critical things to them or make them learn new things. Language learning is the most difficult task when we are adults, but can we imagine how kids learn a language? That too, not one but more than one.

This is the time when we can teach them to do and try to do everything with a positive and growth mindset. Let them learn through their mistakes. Appreciate them if they have done something good. Keep encouraging them to do the right thing. Keep them away from negativity or negative talks as this is the time when they absorb and learn a lot.

Let them innovate and discover new things. It has been weeks since when my child was running behind me with a spoon and asking me, Mom, why is my image upside down in the spoon?” Yet I didn’t answer him, but I am happy to know how keenly he reads things when we don’t. Let them come up with new ideas and listen to them. A little time of ours and a little response from our end would make a big difference in their life.

In this current time when they are at home, let them try new things and help them do new things. Let them understand about the daily task which they need to do and the responsibility which they have towards completing it.

Social and emotional learning is also important during this time. Let them play with their friends and spend time with them. Sometimes they discover new things. Let them have fun and learn at the same time.

Let the growing mind try everything rather than following our old rules.

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