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Why Are Some Kids Thriving During Remote Learning?

Many things have changed since the outbreak of Corona Virus. This pandemic has brought work from home as a new mantra. Teachers who didn’t know to work on computers have to take classes with the help of them now. Children who had to wake up early in the morning every weekday and go to school are now attending the classes from the comfort of their homes.

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In between all these changes, more stress was given on the learning process. Some came up with the worries of screen time while others on how to deliver the concept deeply to the students online. Though there are some students who face problems learning online, but there are others too who are developing and becoming better in their reading and writing skills through online learning.

Why are some kids evolving during remote learning?

No distraction

Most of the time kids are distracted while in class, seeing what their friends are doing. Naughty kids keep on doing some or the other thing to distract the class, which is not possible in online classes. This is why kids focus more on what the teacher is teaching rather than getting distracted.

Parents involvement

Some parents are actively involved during online classes as they keep on working whether their kids understand what is being taught in the class. Parents check on their reading as well as writing process to help them learn more from the online class.

Chance to understand the concept in the mother tongue as well

Online classes have facilitated attending classes from home. At the same time, parents get a chance to explain the concept in their mother tongue which is being taught in the class. Kids get an opportunity to learn the same concept from their teacher as well as their parents. Thus, clearly understanding what is being taught.

Opportunity to use technology easily

Earlier, when classes were held in schools, all concepts were made clear visually using smart boards. Some of the times either the smart boards were not working, or it used to take time to start. But now due to online classes, it has become easy to show visual concepts to students.

To the point learning

Online learning has given an opportunity to impart learning which is important and decline those which were not important. This has lessened the burdens of teachers and provided time to explain the needed concepts in depth.

Remote learning has come as a boon to all of us. Things which seemed difficult earlier have been made easy due to the proper utilization of the technology.

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