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Tips to make mathematics more meaningful.

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When we think of mathematics, it comes to us like a nightmare in our minds. When we were students, it was so hard to understand the concepts and formulas. Sometimes we even wondered why we were learning maths as we didn’t know how it was going to mould our future or how it could help us understand things when we grow up. Our kids are also growing up with the same dilemma. Being parents and teachers, it is our responsibility to make them understand the importance of maths. But it is hard to make young kids understand how it is going to shape their future. So we can make maths more fun and meaningful so that they are happy to learn maths as well as grow their interest in it.

Tips to make mathematics more meaningful

The first thing that should be kept in mind while teaching maths is that it is a practical subject and not a theory. So if you are somebody who relies on theory to teach maths, you should stop doing that.

Breaking concepts into small pieces

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Most of the time, teachers think about completing the syllabus rather than focusing on a child’s understanding level. If a single concept is broken at least into two pieces, the way a teacher can explain the concept becomes much deeper, as well as the children also get more time to understand it. Also, it becomes much easier for them to understand it deeply.

Hands-on experience

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It is always good to teach the basic concepts using various materials or illustrations. For example, when teaching addition or subtraction, toffees, balloons, or different materials can be used to make them touch and feel it and, at the same time, learn it in a concrete way. Similarly, these can be used to teach multiplication as well. Another concept which children find difficult to remember is fractions. Here again, concrete examples can be created using different materials.

Innovative tests

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As soon as we think of a maths test, our hearts start pondering like anything. Here, first of all, we have to teach a child to relax, not to get scared of maths. While taking a test, different flash cards can be used to solve a single question, and at the same time, doubts can also be cleared. If a child gives a wrong answer, the teacher should explain the concept rather than measure their performance through numbers.

Learning maths through games.

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Maths is a practical subject, and there are numerous ways in which it could be taught using fun. For example, children can be asked to measure their desk using a scale. This activity would be fun for them as well as educational. At the same time, they would learn to measure length using a scale and their concept of centimetre and metre would also be clear.

They can also be taught the concept of money using various materials. Ask the children to make notes of different numbers, like one rupee notes, ten rupee notes, etc. And then they can use them to buy some imaginary things during the class activities.

When teaching is done using fun, learning becomes concrete. Children will always love maths if they are taught using various activities and materials.

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