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The importance of physical exercise

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We all know that physical exercise is one of the important activities in our lives. It helps us to keep our muscles and bones strong and, at the same time, keep our bodies healthy and fit. This is the reason why we indulge in some physical activities in the gym or run in the park to keep ourselves fit.

But it is not the same with children. Children, as they are growing beings, need more and more outdoor activities to keep them growing along with strong bones and muscles. This is why they require a play date with their friends where they can not only talk to them but also play some physical games. Kids are not allowed in gyms or treadmills. In fact, it is not good for kids. This is why they should play more outdoor games like running with their friends or playing cricket or football or simply cycling.

Why is physical exercise important for kids?


Strong bones and muscles

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Physical exercise, in fact, to be more specific, physical activities like playing outside, are very vital for the physical growth of a child. It helps to build their muscles and bones and be active throughout the day. It is said that a small kid must be exposed more to playing than studying.

Mind development

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Physical activities not only help us develop our bodies but also our minds.When a child is playing with a friend, he or she encounters a variety of problems and situations that must be resolved on their own.While playing cricket, they must know how to catch the bat properly and how to throw a ball perfectly. Hand-eye coordination is needed to hit the ball. Such activities force them to think about each and every action they have to do or are doing, thus making their brains more active. Children who play more are never absent-minded and are always quick to act on anything.

Learning to communicate

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While playing games, we need to communicate with all the other players so that the game goes on. This helps them to learn to talk to others and discuss the problems and how to handle them. When there is a new player on the field, they will also help that player to learn the game and play with them accordingly.

Listening to others

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Listening is a great skill, as is said by many scholars. While playing games, each and every child has to follow the instructions so that the game can be played successfully. To follow the instructions and to know the rules of the games, he/she has to listen to others to understand how to play the particular game. While listening, they also analyse how they should act or what they should do according to the rules of the game to play it well.

leadership skills

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Every game has a leader who gives instructions and others need to follow. A child who plays well shows the right path to his/her other team members so that the game can be played well. Such actions develop a leadership quality within them, and hence they learn to show the right path to others and help others.


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According to many researches, kids who are more engaged in physical activities are more fit and have a lower risk of being overweight or encountering type 2 diabetes. These kids have leaner bodies and get a good night’s sleep as well as they are always prone to following a healthy lifestyle.

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