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Teaching New year’s resolution to kids.

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So here we are at the end of the year, and it’s time for us to make our new year’s resolution. You might wonder what a new year’s resolution is if you are somebody from Asia or Eastern countries. Well, a new year’s resolution is a tradition that is mostly observed in Western countries in order to begin or stop a bad habit.In ancient days, Roman people used to promise their God to improve themselves at the beginning of the year, and it’s going on yet as a tradition.

Something that is good must continue, isn’t it? It must be followed blindly by all of us, and at the same time, it should be taught to our kids too. 

We always want to entice good behaviour and good values in our kids, so we all work hard behind the scenes.

The idea here is to make our kids understand the importance of adopting and following good behaviour. Creating a New Year’s resolution would be one of the best ways to make our kids understand the behaviour they should stop doing and the ones they should start embracing.

Being a teacher, we can help our kids write their own new year’s resolution by following the below steps.

Change your behaviour or habit.

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Most of the time, teachers and parents ask their kids to change certain behaviours of their own, which is not acceptable. We can ask kids to make a list of behaviours or habits that they should change or stop doing. They should also understand why they need to change their behaviours.

Ask them to reflect on behaviours that they should adopt or that they need to start doing. This would help them understand the difference between good and bad behaviours or values.

Your New Year’s resolution

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Teachers can help kids to know which behaviour they should change or which one they should adopt. Being kids, they might not be able to focus on more than one behaviour. So help them change their behaviour and write it down as a goal to be achieved in the year to come.

Stick with your new goal.

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It’s very hard to stick to any promise that we make to ourselves about changing certain behaviours or about working on a new one. It’s even harder for kids to stick to their new year’s resolution. Parents and teachers can assist them in remembering their resolution by asking questions or simply wanting to know how they are progressing on it.This way, the kid will remember that yes, they have to work on it as they have to answer you about the same.

Following or achieving a new year goal can help our children achieve many other goals in life and help them succeed in all of their endeavours.

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