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Teaching idioms and phrases to kids

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When it comes to teaching kids some difficult concepts, we really have to use our brains to make things easy for them. Some would think that what we teach kids they grasp easily, but reality is different. The question is not about what is taught but how it is taught.Breaking a complex concept into small pieces of information can help kids understand concepts deeply, which remains with them throughout their life.

Idioms and phrases are combinations of words which, when used, can make our conversation attractive and filled with lots of humour. But when it comes to kids, it is really difficult to teach these things to them as they are considered something that should be memorised. We don’t have one or two idioms. The list is long, but if we can start teaching them the simple ones and also let them know how they can use them in their sentences, it would help them use them in their daily life.

Help kids learn idioms and phrases like it’s a piece of cake.

Usage of Pictures

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An abstract concept can be made concrete with the usage of pictures. Idioms can be a little difficult for kids to understand as the meaning conveyed by these is different than what it seems to be. Pictures can help them understand the hidden meaning in them and also enjoy using them in their sentences and conversation.

Let them search for the real meaning.

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Introduce a few idioms to the kids along with some sentences using materials or pictures. Divide the class into groups and ask them to guess the meaning. Let them get the straight meaning of the idiom first and then ask them what the meaning of the sentence is. When they are able to explain it on their own, it can be concluded that, yes, they have got the meaning correct.

Idioms according to the theme

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Every kid loves to talk and discuss about various topics. Give them some topics to discuss related to sports, weather, food, etc. When the discussion is on the said topic, introduce them with all the idioms related to that particular topic.

If they are discussing sports, assist them in learning some sports idioms and using them while speaking to make it easier for them to understand and use.

Do not overburden them with lots of idioms, as it would be difficult for them to learn and memorise. Anything taught with some activity remains with them for a longer time. So the idea should be to make them learn and not to burden them.

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