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Problems faced by kids if not cooperative.

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Playing together and understanding each other is what we encourage in our kids. Whenever there is a fight between kids, we, as parents, ask them to cooperate with each other. Cooperative behaviour is important to learn as it helps one to be successful in their life and career. Co means “together” and operate means “act.” Acting together is known as cooperative behaviour. This is not only true in the case of kids, but it is also true for a business and a nation to be successful.

But sometimes we really fail to teach cooperation to our kids, and they might not be ready to cooperate with others.

If a child is not cooperative, the following situations might come up:

Not able to analyse things:

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If a child doesn’t learn to cooperate, they grow up alone and don’t face all kinds of situations that might come their way when they grow up. When they are faced with a difficult situation, they feel weak and rely on others.They don’t have the capacity to decide if somebody is showing them the wrong or right path. 

Don’t have friends.

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Such kids usually grow alone they don’t have friends because of their uncooperative behaviour. People generally likes to meet with them who cooperate and understands them. Same is the case with kids too. If any kid doesn’t agree to cooperate with others they don’t have much friends when they grow up. 

Not listening to parents

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Parents always show the right path to their kids, but sometimes some kids are so arrogant that they don’t listen to their parents at all. Parents might ask something politely first and then use force on them. But few kids really disobey their parents and won’t listen to them.

A child’s behaviour is generally moulded by observing their surroundings. If they find their parents not respecting each other, they start to learn it and adopt the same behaviour. Some parents do not use force or do not make them understand what is wrong and what is right, and children grow up to understand that whatever they do is right and hence can develop arrogant behaviour. 

There are various ways though through which we can teach them cooperation.

Model your behaviour.

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Parents need to cooperate with each other first. Children see their parents as the first people they see around them, so they learn a lot from them. How they talk, how they behave, everything is watched by their kids, and they develop their behaviour accordingly.

Empathise with them.

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The moment you understand what they want and why they want, you empathise with them. It is also important to know their viewpoint, rather than forcing them to do what we want all the time. Let them have their stand and explain why they want it or why they won’t do certain things. This would help you show them the right path.

Children are like clay. You can mould them the way you want. 

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