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Let’s build a positive body Language

Let’s build a positive body Language:


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Body language also known as non-verbal communication generally consists of all the facial expressions, gestures, postures and tone we use to convey our message. Non-verbal communication is often said to be more louder than verbal communication. It is because people, generally, create an image about you in their mind seeing your body language. We often talk about people who seem to be very smart and who carry themselves well. Whether we have ever spoken to that person or not doesn’t matter. We just create an image about the person just by seeing their body language. So it is very important to carry ourselves smartly. Our expressions speak a lot. Our faces are the mirror of our mind, it expresses whether we are happy, sad or angry. Most of the time our expressions are instinctive. We express our feelings according to the situation. We can improve our expressions by controlling our stress and continuously focusing on our body language.


Steps to correct your body language:


Emotional equilibrium:


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When we are stressed, we cannot take the correct decision, and we make mistakes. Our body language is always wrong when we are stressed. Keep calm, stop the work which you were doing, take a breath and then come back to continue with your work. It’s always good to maintain emotional equilibrium rather than bursting it out.


Recognise your emotions:


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If we understand our emotions, we can be a strong personality. While understanding our own emotions, we should be able to read non-verbal cues of other people. If we are able to read non-verbal cues of others, we come to know more about that person and can sense what they want to convey.


Facial expressions:


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Always keep a check on your facial expressions, try to show a smiling, happy and confident face always. You should not show people that you are angry or sad, especially when you are at work or in meetings.


Eye contact:


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Eye contact is said to be the strongest form of body language through which people come to know whether you are showing interest in their conversation or not.


Tone of voice:


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Our tone of voice is another important aspect of our body language. Sometimes we might lose a client just because of the wrong tone we used. Check your tone of speaking while presenting something or while you are in something very important.


Gestures and Postures:


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Sometimes while speaking we make various gestures by moving our hands, but before using such gestures, we should know whether it is positive or negative. For example, none of us like people pointing fingers at us. So we should know the kind of gestures and postures we are using as non-verbal communication.

If we learn how to control our emotions, we can control our body language as well. It is said that our expressions are always correct and true. So if you are saying something verbally, but your body language does not match, people will rely on your non-verbal cues to understand whether what you are saying is true or not. So it is very important to check our body language.


” Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important….”


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