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Know your child’s potential

Know your child’s potential:

Each child is unique having different capabilities. Knowing a child’s interest is very important, which can help them to improve on it and master it as they grow up. We all know that comparing is the worst thing we do in our child’s life. Comparing them with their other siblings, or with their friends rather than finding out the ability on which the child is interested. Breath; and let them also breath, let them explore the world and come out with new ideas. Most of the time we keep shouting at them about their studies, rather than finding out their potential on which they are interested. Let’s understand how we can search for our child’s potential.

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Search their interests:

Children start showing their uniqueness from childhood itself, our work is to keep a watch on them to understand what exactly they are interested in. Some kids are good at drawing, some at crafting while there are others who are good at sports. Being a parent, it becomes important for us to know what our child wants and develop them accordingly.

Let them explore:

Let them explore a variety of things so that they know their niche and know what exactly they love to do. Here you can motivate your kid to do different things, and through this, you will be able to understand their likes and dislikes and develop them accordingly.

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Apart from studies, there are other options too:

Stop shouting at your kids for not studying. There are some kids who are interested in studies and others who are interested in something different. Nowadays the world has changed and people can earn a career on any of their interests, or they can be an artist in the area of their interest when they grow up.

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Watching television and playing video games is a waste of time:

Curtail the time spent on watching television or playing video games as these are not good for our kids anyway. Let them know that it is just a waste of time where they are not learning anything. Ask them to find out their hobbies and improve them. Try to send them to different classes like drawing class, sports club, etc. This not only helps them to find their interests but also makes them physically and mentally healthy.

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Praise them:

Our kids keep on doing one or the other thing throughout the day, don’t forget to praise them as praising is something that motivates them to indulge in more activities.

man in black crew neck t-shirt holding baby in white and pink stripe onesie

As parents, if we can know what our child is interested in, we can help them to polish it more and pursue a career on the same. If a child’s potential is known from an early age he or she finds more time and opportunity to dive deeper into it.

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world.” ……Maria Montessori

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