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How to stay safe while travelling solo

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Technological enlargement has also evoked a sense of independence among us. People love to make travel videos and upload them on social media. This is not only about entertainment or a hobby; nowadays, it has become a medium to earn our living. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we earn while doing what we love to do. This is one of the reasons that people love to go on solo trips rather than going in a group. Solo travel has its own advantages, like the fact that you don’t have to adjust to others and can explore a place on your own. As much as it has advantages, it also has disadvantages. Being safe while travelling solo is a point of concern for everybody, but for girls it becomes even more important. This article has all the tips and tricks that will keep you safe while travelling alone.

Safety tips for solo travellers

Solo travel has its own pros and cons; it could be exciting and daunting at the same time. Exploring new places is always enjoyable. That’s why following some safety tips can keep us safe from all the mishaps.

Search for the right accommodation

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Women who travel alone need to be extra cautious about their safety. Research about the accommodations before booking them. Reading reviews could be of great help. There are various sites that can help you get the actual review, like Quora, Mouth Shut, and other travel websites.

Looking like a local

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We have a tendency to look extra ordinary while traveling. Traveling alone can invite many cons, as well as muggers, the moment they realise that you are different from them. Dressing up like a tourist is the first signal for the muggers to understand that you don’t belong to that place. Dress up like a local to be safe and blend in with the crowd.

Carry your ID cards and other documents

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ID cards are very important and should be with us wherever we go. Use an anti-theft bag or money belt to keep them safe with you. Carrying everything in a wallet is not recommended, as pickpockets can get attracted when they see you taking out your wallet every now and then from your pocket.

Keep cash with you

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Google Pay and Paytm are some of the payment platforms we use nowadays, and they are user-friendly as well, but while traveling, keep an ample amount of cash with you. There are many places where they would accept only cash, and you don’t want to be stranded.

Stop being intoxicated

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Check on your intoxication habits; it is better to avoid getting intoxicated while you are traveling. Drinking up the last drop of alcohol would not prove to be good for you while you are on a trip. You can wake up in an awkward situation if you get intoxicated beyond your limit.

Have a plan B ready beforehand

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Planning ahead is necessary, but being flexible with plans at the same time is also essential. You don’t know whether the things would work according to your plans. Keeping a plan B ready will keep you safe without putting you in any dilemma.

 Nowadays, we see many people travelling alone. There are many countries in the western region that are safe, but travelling alone in India is still not safe for women. This is why following some safety rules is important to keep yourself safe.

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