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How to prepare your child for an exam

How to prepare your child for an exam:


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Think of an exam, and we get scared. We remember our childhood days when we were so worried about our exams. It was like a nightmare to us, some people also used to get exam fever.

But do we want our small kids to get scared of exams in the same way as we used to be? No, right. Is this the reason why we get so worried when our kids have exams? Maybe yes. We want to help them to know what an exam is and also to score better marks. There are different forms of helping tough. While helping, we should not forget that we are their role modes. If we are worried and anxious about something, so will they be. In such a case, it would be good if we teach them how to face challenges with a strong determination.

Involve yourself in your child’s studies and help them face the exam strongly by following the below tips:

Why exams?

The kids must know what an exam is and why they should face it. Why is the exam taken in the first place? Help them know that exams are to make them understand where they stand in the learning path. It is how they are going to measure their own performance. All other like the examiners or the invigilators are the facilitators who help them know their performance.

Remove the fear within them:

We all are scared of exams, and so are our kids. Being parents, it is our responsibility to remove fear from their mind. Communicate with your child and keep them motivated always, at the same time let them know that an exam is something but not everything. They should know that the exam is just a milestone, and they should not be scared of it.

Show that you are there for them:

Sometimes our kids want to hear just a few supportive words like, β€œI am there with you, and I love you,”. These are some magical words which will help your child to grow further and face challenges positively.

Delete the comparison word from your dictionary:

Most parents keep comparing their deeds with others. Parents think that they are showing the right path to them but unknowingly our kids start developing low self-esteem. Do not compare them with anybody; instead, work on their problem areas. Talk to them and listen to them.

Stop pressurising them:

Many parents like to keep their kids busy learning one activity or the other through out the day. These kids don’t have time to play or talk to their friends. Parents think that they are teaching many skills to their kids, but their kids stop socialising with others, and this becomes a big problem for their future. Let them enjoy their life and at the same time make them understand that studies are important. Develop a skill in focusing on them rather than pressurising them.

Be with them:

Before learning skills from others, they need your time. They would love to learn different skills from you. So give your time. Sit with them and help them prepare for their exams by applying different strategies.

Remember each child is different and nobody knows your child more than you do, so be with them and help them for their future endeavours.

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