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How to improve kids concentration:

How to improve kids concentration:


I am sure you all have asked your kids Why they are not studying? Or why are they unable to study? This is mainly because of a lack of concentration.

Concentration levels vary from age to age and development levels. You can increase your kids’ concentration levels through some fun activities and interesting games.

Causes of lack of concentration:

1. Lack of proper sleep.


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Kids need at least eight to ten hours of sleep every day depending upon their age. Sleeping less than that may cause difficulty in concentrating.

2. Family stress:


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Pressure on kids to perform well in studies or hobbies can contribute to less concentration levels or distraction. Reduce pressure on kids to get them to perform well.

3. Poor Nutrition:


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It is another factor that contributes to low concentration levels. Avoid caffeine, energy drinks, and junk food.

How To Improve Concentration In Kids.

1. Minimize distraction:


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Few kids have difficulty in hearing or filtering out noises. So you have to support them at such incidents by not making noises or talking to anyone when they are studying.

As a parent, you have to set an example for kids to maintain Quiet time when reading books or studying.

2. Reduce Screen time.


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Try giving your child more physical activity than electronic games and gadgets. Ask them to be mindful. Allot a time for using mobile or any other electronic gadgets.

Reducing screen time will automatically urge your kids to play outdoors that eventually reduces lack of concentration problems.

3. Set achievable goals.


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The goals need to be achievable. Divide their study time into various categories by preparing a timetable for all their activities such as playtime, study time, or other special interests.

Judicious use of material rewards when they finish a specific set of tasks in a week or a month can be served as motivation.

4. Practice simple workouts.


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Getting enough amount of oxygen in a day helps the brain function properly and efficiently. So it is important for you to make your kid do some simple breathing exercises. 

They don’t need a particular place to do these exercises. You can do it together in your garden, terrace or near a window where you can get natural air( oxygen).

5. Water and food.


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Water is very important for our brain to avoid dehydration. Dehydration clearly impacts on Concentration. It not only happens in summer, you should make sure your kid is taking enough water even during winters.

A balanced diet also helps them stay concentrated. Give them proper food that is rich in nutrients not in sugars.


Like any other skill, concentration can also be improved and made an automatic skill in your kid if you make them practice. The above-given tips or points will not only help your kids in improving their concentration levels but also strengthen your bond with your kids.

After long days of work, you can happily do these activities and spend time with your kids, which automatically reduces your stress as well.

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