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How to handle naughty kids in class

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Kids with naughtiness are assumed to be kids who grow smarter than others. On the other hand, kids without naughtiness are said to be very gentle kids. Naughty kids are those who keep on exploring things on their own way or make different sounds to grab attention of others. Naughtiness is something which is attached with the character of kids, you rarely can find kids without naughtiness. Though we should enjoy their naughty behaviour, sometimes it becomes really difficult to handle their childish behaviour. Teachers often discuss and complain about naughty behaviour of students in class.

How to handle or curb their naughtiness is the question which comes in their mind when they think punishing is the only way to control such kids.

My question to schools and teachers is that is it right to punish small minds when they don’t know whether what they are doing is right or wrong.

Schools should understand that disciplining naughty kids should never be done through punishing or beating them. Punishment and beating often leaves small kids to deal with life-long trauma and fear. Kids who were supposed to be smart are crushed by the teachers and schools through their harsh words and punishments.

Punishment can never solve any problem in fact it will lead you to make a sin by destroying one beautiful mind.

How can we handle naughty kids?


Understand their requirement


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Teachers often don’t understand what a child needs. They think their duty is only to teach them some words and numbers and their work is done. No, your work doesn’t end here. When you enter the class, you are responsible for the whole environment of the class. If the kids are creating trouble when you are teaching, that means you are not able to engage them properly. Talkative and noise-creating kids are often smart, and they want to talk to the teacher or answer the questions asked by him or her. But teachers don’t bother to listen to such kids, and at the end these kids get irritated and start troubling the class.
Give them a chance to answer, listen to what is there in their mind, make them understand the concept accordingly. Don’t ignore them misusing your power to be a teacher.

Inclusive education


Children Sitting on Floor Doing Exercise

Some children may require more help and attention in order to complete their education. Help them grow, and don’t say things like “you’re good for nothing,” which can have a negative impact on a child’s thinking.
Teachers should recall that we were educated about special needs children when getting our teaching degrees. These are children who may suffer from ADHD, Autism, or other learning disabilities. These children may be unable to concentrate or pay attention in class. They rely on you to help them grow. I don’t believe that punishment is the answer to all problems.

Praise them


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Naughty kids are often bombarded with harsh behaviour and harsh words. See the change in them by changing your behaviour and your mindset. Try to be polite with them. Praise them when they do something good. One good and beautiful word from your mouth can do miracles.
Act like a blessing in their life, not a destroyer.
Give them responsibilities

We all know naughty kids are always smart and active. Any responsibility given by you would be accepted and completed with a smiling face by them. Be with them while they work on the assigned task. Give only age-appropriate responsibilities. Like collecting the homework note books, or keeping the chart papers in the cupboard or arranging the tables and chairs, doing the board work etc.


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Too often we forget that discipline really means to teach, not to punish. A disciple is a student, not a recipient of behavioural consequences…. Dr.Dan Siegel, The Whole Brain Child.

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