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How to get students motivated

How to get students motivated:


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Schools play a vital role in developing and growing a child. But often we come across people who think that it’s the individual him or her who is responsible for their own growth. This is why we hear people saying that an intelligent child can attain success anywhere, the quality of schools or teachers doesn’t matter. This is absolutely true, but are all kids intelligent?
Kids need motivation for everything they do. They don’t know what is good or bad for them, hence we should make them understand as well as motivate them to do what is good for them. Teachers are the people with whom they spend most of the time of the day, thus teachers are as responsible as a parent to motivate a student.


Below are some tips to follow while motivating any student.


Develop a growth mindset:

Children with a growth mindset accept challenges happily and are eager to step into every activity. Children with a fixed mindset are the ones who shy away from trying anything and don’t want to put themselves in trouble by trying new things. There are very few kids who have a growth mindset, but more than eighty percent of the class population consists of kids with fixed mindset. A teacher is the one who knows the progress of a child and can help them in developing a growth mindset. Teachers can praise them for every small work they do and can help them do things which they shy away from. Making them understand not to be scared of mistakes is also necessary as most of the children are scared of making mistakes. We should let them know that success cannot be attained without mistakes since it’s a part of it.

Know what strategies to choose from to motivate students:

A teacher who builds a personal relationship with his or her kid is the best teacher since he or she knows everything about their students. They know about their family, their hobbies, their favourite things etc. Knowing a kid closely helps a teacher to find strategies to motivate a kid and be a good learner.

Engaging classroom:

Gone are the days when a teacher used to give a lecture and the students used to take notes. Engaging classes are more welcome nowadays where students learn the concept of every topic clearly. Here, students are free to discuss anything about the going topic and at the same time are free to share any knowledge they have on the said topic. Students work in groups to solve a problem and come out with new ideas. If the class is engaging, interest is created in students to know more about the subject, and they get automatically motivated to learn more.

Leave your impact in their life:

Sometimes we talk about our favourite teacher, isn’t it? That is because those were the teachers who had some impact on us and had inspired us. Try to be that inspiring teacher who is remembered by his or her students throughout their life. Inspire them to learn to do good things and also keep them motivated to attain success in whatever they do.

Listen to your students:

Listening is the best skill to get to know others as well as to heal others. Listen to your students, they might have various problems in their life. Listen and share their pain a little and at the same time don’t forget to share some positive words with them.


Motivating a kid is not an easy task, but at the same time it’s not tough too.

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