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How can I be a good public speaker?

How can I be a good public speaker?

Being a successful person or advancing in a career needs hard work. The package of hard work consists of many skills, public speaking being one of them. Whether it is a presentation, training or speech, we need to be a good public speaker for all. People who are good public speakers look more confident and are always happy because of the success they achieve through public speaking.

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Good public speaking is very much important as it can make or break your agenda or purpose of the same. A good presentation helps you to make customers, good training helps you to mould good trainees, and, on the other hand, a good speech makes you a good speaker. People start looking at you with respect and also as a knowledgeable person.

On the other hand, bad public speaking may have reverse effects. Often people feel nervous about thinking of public speaking. If suddenly somebody from management comes and asks us to give a speech or presentation we feel like there is no floor beneath our feet. But practise makes a person perfect.

Steps to become a good public speaker:

Gather information:

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The first thing which is needed for speaking is our content, be it a presentation, speech or training. Know the topic on which you are going to speak, this will help you to gather more and more information on the said topic. Nothing is impossible in this technological era, search the content of your topic and write it accordingly in a notebook.

Watch public speaking on YouTube:

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YouTube is the best channel which can train you and help you to become a good speaker. Watch various speakers and try to understand how they are speaking and what they are speaking.

Practice speaking:

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Before going for a public speaking it is mandatory to practice speaking twice or thrice according to your perfection. Practice speaking before the mirror, before your friends and take feedback from them. Improve yourself according to their feedback. Record your speaking and then listen to it, this will help you to analyse your own speech and the area of improvement.

Be Confident:

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It goes without saying, confidence is the key to success. And confidence comes only when our thoughts are positive. Confidence can give you success even if your content is not up to the mark. So think positive and be confident to deliver your speak.

Smiling face and Eye contact:

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Try to keep smiling while presenting, it will boost your energy and confidence. Make eye contact with your audience to show your audience, that you are speaking to them. Try to engage your audience as this makes your presentation more interesting and understandable.

Anybody can become a good public speaker with practice. But we all are scared of taking the first step. Initially it might not turn out to be good, but you improve slowly and gradually to feel the success which was your destination.

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