04 Oct

Fix a morning routine to build a healthy child

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Waking up in the morning is the best gift we can give to our health and at the same time it is tedious as well. Most of us are night owls rather than being early birds, but we all used to wake up early during our childhood since our parents were too concerned about our health and future. So are we as parents not concerned with our kids? We are concerned, but now things are different. Nowadays both parents are working, technology is at its peak, and it is hard to keep our children away from video games and television. Over and above this, Corona has also done its task well. Earlier our kids used to wake up early to go to school, but due to Corona that was changed. The kids started being at home, and they didn’t have any rules to follow all the time. Waking up in the morning is something they forgot to do, but we as parents have to start over our kids’ morning routine again.

Prepare a time table


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Before doing anything, it is good to plan. Time table helps you to plan and decide what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, and how much time you are going to invest behind each activity. This will also help you to list out morning activities.

Talk to your kid


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Kids do know that it is good for them if they can get up early, but if there is no force or awareness, they might avoid getting up early. It is good to sit and decide with your kids about the to do list which they need to follow. Let them prepare their own to do list and also ask them to follow it with dedication.

Have good sleep


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For waking up early, the first important thing is to get good sleep. As it is said, we should sleep for at least 5 hours daily. In the same way, kids need a minimum sleep of 7-8 hours daily. Take them to bed a little early so that they can wake up easily without any tantrums. 

Freshen up


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Let your kid understand that as soon as they get up from bed, they should brush their teeth. First few days parents have to ask them to brush their teeth, but if the routine is followed daily, it will become their habit.

Breath up the morning air


Discuss with them about the beautiful morning. Take them outside in the fresh air. You can do their favourite activity with them like cycling, swimming, playing or jogging. These are some physical activities which activate us mentally and physically. In turn, it helps them to be active through the day and study well.

Healthy Breakfast


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Prepare something healthy for them to have during breakfast. Fix your breakfast time and let them understand the value of time as well as the value of healthy eating. Make sure they get enough food to get energy, which will keep them active throughout the day.

House chores


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Give them some responsibility which they should finish doing in the morning. Like arranging the dishes, sweeping the floor, cleaning the puja room and puja utensils, helping with preparing breakfast etc. Very small kids can put trash in the bins, keep toys in their proper place and can be delegated other small chores which will help them to learn the chores and develop motor skills. 

Getting up in the morning could be difficult, but if they are given some responsibilities, they will definitely get up in the morning.

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