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Disciplining the classroom: an Alternative to Punishment

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Disciplining a child means helping them understand where their behaviour is wrong and what they should do to correct it. It doesnโ€™t mean that punishment is the only medium through which discipline can be taught. In fact, punishment might exacerbate behavioural issues rather than cure them. In a school, whenever a class is in question about the havoc children create through their disruptive behaviour, the solution found for the same is only punishment. Time has changed now. Children nowadays are more sensitive and we cannot punish them for the small misbehaviours they commit. Instead, we should think of some alternatives through which a child can learn discipline.

What are the alternatives to punishment?


Preparing classroom rules

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Prepare some classroom rules and let the children know about them. Children can also be involved in preparing the rules so that they know what the rules were that they talked about and hence it is their duty to follow them. Display the rules in the class so that children can see them as soon as they enter the class. Rules might include

1. Arriving at school on time every day.

2. Putting on a neat and clean outfit

3. Not to look for or run from one place to another in the absence of a teacher.

4. They should listen to others when they are talking.

5. Keeping the classroom clean at all times and turning off the fans and lights when they leave.

Deducting points

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Decide on the maximum number of points that a child can achieve by following all the rules and behaving well. Explain this to the children while also informing them that if they do not follow the rules or engage in disruptive behaviour, points will be deducted and they may not be able to achieve good numbers in the behavioural aspects.

Copy of the Rules

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Involving parents in disciplining a child is also a great way to teach discipline to children without punishing them. A rule book can help parents to know the rules and what kind of behaviour is expected from a child as well as the parents. When a child breaks a rule, let the parent also know so that both parents and teachers can work together to help the child learn proper behaviour.

At the same time, parents should be educated on how to interact with their children.They should be said not to punish, but to understand and listen to them. Both teachers and parents should be empathetic towards their children and try to discipline them with love and care rather than punishing them.

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