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Choose the right online class for your child

Choose the right online class for your child:


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In the world of technology, online learning is growing rapidly, opening various learning opportunities for children. Online learning provides us with a wide range of options to choose the best and appropriate class for your child. And Covid pandemic has increased in the number of online classes. Hence, here are a few tips to choose the right online class for your child.

Proper attention.

Most of the online classes that are being conducted by schools are in groups, so teachers won’t be able to pay attention to each and every individual. So sometimes children may miss the presence of their beloved teacher.

So as a parent, you have to make sure that your kid is getting proper and enough attention from the teacher in the online classes.

Communication is important.

In most of the online classes, it is always a teacher who talks and students listen to them quietly. Students are forced to mute their mics to avoid disturbance. Not talking or answering the questions makes kids half-minded and kills their interest in the lesson.

If the child gets to talk or raise a question or doubt regarding the lesson or subject, they feel more interested and understand it better.

Is it theory or Practical?

Usually, online teaching includes just a teacher who tries to explain a lesson or the subject topic verbally. As the technology has grown in its possible ways, usage of online videos or examples to show students practically about a certain topic will help in better understanding.

The gone days will never come back so, always make sure it is better to use the available options in the best way you can.

Class timing and duration.

Attending classes for more than enough time or without any break time can make kids dull or lazy. So taking time to give kids a break during online classes for a little stretch, walking around will help them gain their concentration back and boost their knowledge. Make sure your kid gets enough break time during their online classes.

Is the child Involved?

The creativity and involvement of kids may be disturbed due to the sudden change in the format of learning. The lack of school environments, friends, and teacher presence may hamper their sincerity.

Learning from the basic material from home can bring the connection of learning at home as well. It will also help them in adapting to the home atmosphere for any kind of formal reading or learning.


Your child is always your priority. So you want to make the right decisions for him/her when it comes to technology and education. Ask them to use it wisely and make sure they don’t become a slave of it.

The content that is showcased to your kid should be age-appropriate and quality content. Similarly, the context of the online classes should also be checked, and make sure it is a quality one and helps your kid. It is always necessary to verify the objective and vision of a particular program you introduce to your kid.

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