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8 ways to develop creativity in your child

8 ways to develop creativity in your child:


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Children are highly imaginative and can create anything with their imagination. The way they perceive things is different than how we perceive them. If we support them, then this creativity in them can turn into their skill, which ultimately will make them happy and successful in their future.


Below are some tips which can help you develop creative skills in your kid.


Watch them:

Parents need to watch their kids to understand what they like to do. Sometimes talking with your kid will also help you understand what exactly they want or in which field they are creative. Kids might not be able to express what they like to do, but if we watch them, we come to know what exactly they like to do.

Involve yourself with them:

Children always love it if their parents get involved with them with their activities. Let them follow their imagination. Just sit with them and ask various questions so that they get clarity in what they are creating. Remember not to suggest anything to them, as it’s their imagination and their creation.

Help them get space for creation:

Create a space for them where they would get all their creative materials handy. It might not be a special room but a small corner of your house. For example, if they are good at drawing, keep all their drawing materials available in their space of creation, and same applies to all the other types of creations.

Help them explore their creativity:

It would be good if you could visit places where your kid can find creation of their own interests. Visiting a museum, library or an art gallery can help them connect and explore their interest more.

Develop a problem-solving attitude in them:

Help them develop a problem-solving attitude in them so that they can think critically and approach a problem. Thinking critically can help them to understand things deeply and at the same time find the perfect solution for them.

Don’t over manage them:

Show the right path to them but do not try to over manage them by saying what they should do or not do. Let them understand things on their own, experience it and learn from it.

Discuss with them:

Discuss their creation with them. Help them understand their creativity by discussing it more. When they feel that their creativity is getting importance, they get motivated to create more.

Don’t forget to praise them:

Praising is a medicine which can motivate people to do the right things. Our kids get motivated if they hear praise. So praise them when they come up with something new.


“Creativity is simple connecting new dots in new ways.”

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