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5 Ways to Help Students Focus on Learning Rather Than Grades

5 Ways to Help Students Focus on Learning Rather Than Grades:


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Grades are playing a crucial role in every student’s life. Students keep thinking about grades all the time. Grades are influencing students in a negative way. Of course, grades are important for a good career, but focusing only on grades would decrease the concentration on learning.

Through grades, a teacher measures a student in a specific curriculum, whereas learning is a process where the student is allowed to be creative, experimental, and even make mistakes.

Though grades have their benefits, it is important to oppose the way we have allowed grades to penetrate and colonize the educational system, and in the way students are impacted by it. So, here are five ways for teachers to help students focus on learning rather than grades.

1. Delay the grade


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The negative impact of grades on students can be reduced to a maximum level only when the teacher is involved. Teachers usually conduct tests in the classroom. When such a test is conducted, try to delay the grades. Students always try to score good grades, but they are not aware of the subject they are learning.

Rather than giving scores to students, it is ideal to discuss the question paper. During these students will learn the answers they were not able to write in the test. Students might get irritated in the beginning, but later they will surely understand the importance of learning. This will help students to focus on learning rather than grades.

2. Conversation


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Teachers are the ones that teach the subject and take care of students’ academics. Hence, students’ view on education depends on the language of the teacher. As students are learning, teachers should provide them with a friendly environment.

Most students are afraid to ask questions and just remember the answer rather than learning the subject. This might help them to score good grades, but what is the use of grades without knowledge?

3. Learning through assignments


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Most students finish their assignments just for the sake of teachers and parents. They either copy it down or just write it without any knowledge about it. Though students study in classes, assignments that have to be done at home help in improving their overall score and knowledge.

Hence, students should do homework with concentration, only then they can learn.
For this, teachers can ask students to just write a brief note of what they learned from that day’s assignment.

4. Reduce stress


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Teachers should realize that forcing students to study will only increase stress. Instead, teachers should let the students understand the importance of studying and encourage them by clarifying their doubts.

5. Collaboration with peers


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Most educational institutes, conduct programs where students are allowed to have a conversation with peers. Conversation with peers will create clarity on the student’s future.

These are just a few ways that help students focus on learning rather than grades. Teachers can also use various methods in their daily class routines to help students focus on learning.

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