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Why encourage sports in schools


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Sports is a recreation activity which entertains us as well as helps us to be fit and fine. But the worst part is that it is considered to be something which is just a waste of time, a valueless activity. We give more importance to studies as we think it helps develop our mind, gives us knowledge as well as a career. We don’t know alone bookish knowledge cannot make us smart enough. Sports is considered something which can give us physical fitness, but the fact is that along with physical fitness it also teaches us to play in a team, to socialise, to think about the situation before acting, to plan before hand, to discuss with the team how we are going to win the game. All these strategies are needed to be successful in our careers too. So isn’t sports helping develop our mind too in a practical way?

School is a place where our kids spend most of their time. So schools should encourage sports as one of the main stream curriculum to help our kids develop both physically and mentally. There are many other reasons too to understand why sports need to be encouraged by schools.

It helps develop our body and mind

Sports being a physical activity helps us to develop our body and mind. Our brains need more blood flow to think and work properly. So while playing sports, when we run here and there, our blood flow is increased, and hence our brains become active to think more. Physical, our body becomes more fit and strong.

It might be passion for many

When we serve knowledge to students who want to grow up and become a doctor or engineer then why don’t we serve students who want to be a sports person? Sports could also be a passion for many, but both parents and school together suppress that passion so that their kid can have more and more bookish knowledge.

Miracles of sports

Sports not only help us to be fit physically and mentally, it also boosts our confidence. One who is indulged in sports is always confident naturally, they don’t fear to speak in front of the public or perform something on the stage.

Team building ability

Sports are always played in teams. So before playing we have to build our team, get to know our team members, discuss the action plans etc. This helps to learn the ability to work in a team, which is known as one of the soft skills and is lacking in many.

Problem solving and decision making

While playing sports, we come across different problems and have to figure out then and there how we are going to solve it. This helps our mind to develop, to understand the problem and to act accordingly.

Sports have many benefits which we ignore totally. This is the reason why kids are lacking soft skills. They are more indulged in watching TV and playing video games. School is the place where they are away from such kind of devices and gadgets. So schools should encourage sports to produce smart products.

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