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Whose responsibility is it to raise a child?

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In our Indian society, women are made responsible for everything. Right from taking care of the in-laws to raising a child. No, it’s not wrong though, but why should a woman be solely responsible for everything? Why not have her man help her? Well, in older days, it was said that because men were going out to earn money, women should take care of the kids. Is the time the same now? No not. Nowadays, women are also educated and they are also earning money, but when the question of responsibility comes, it’s only the women who are to blame. Even if they manage everything, i.e., personal work and office work, then too, they are blamed without any fault of their own. 

Isn’t it like the world has changed but our Indian mindset has not changed? I know how I take online classes, and at the same time, I run and check which class is going to start next for my child. It might be possible that my man is free that time, but he is not bothered at all about the growth or development of the child.

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We have to understand that it is not the woman alone who is responsible for raising a child; it is the responsibility of the whole family. According to African culture, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Yes, actually, the whole village or society is responsible for raising a child. 

I remember when I was a child, we had a joint family. Along with my parents and siblings, my grandmother and my father’s unmarried sisters and brothers were also there. My mother used to be busy with her chores and she never had so much time to think about whether we were studying or playing. because there were others to take care of us. 

But for my child, the opposite is true. My child, being the only child, doesn’t have any siblings. We are a nuclear family with all of our relatives living in different cities. What we enjoyed during our childhood is something which my children can’t think of. And yes, due to this nuclear family system, the responsibility of raising a child is totally a woman’s duty. 

What happens when both parents participate in the upbringing of the child?

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Well, when both parents understand their responsibility to raise a child, they raise a happy and confident child. The child, too, loves both his or her parents. And also, they learn that men and women work together, and so their mindset changes in a positive way. Here, we don’t have to teach them that they should respect a woman and should participate in doing all the household chores as well. As they see their parents’ behaviour, they learn to help others and, at the same time, respect others.

Have you ever wondered why, when we panic or get hurt, we call our mother and not our father? It is because our mothers were there for us and are there always for us. They always give their children first priority over any of their work. 

Not only men, but the entire society, must understand women.Even if I talk about employers, they give a lower salary to a woman than to a man. Why are there such distinctions or biases?We must respect our women and accept responsibility for each child’s upbringing.

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