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Who is the toddler’s favourite teacher?

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Our favourite teachers are always very close to our hearts and we always remember them. Almost everybody has the same memories in their heart as whether they were very caring or humorous. Teachers who care for their children are always the children’s favourites. According to a journal published by Macquarie University, children were asked to know who their favourite teacher were and why in the age group of 3 to 9.

Children described similar characteristics that their favourite teachers possessed. Care, kindness and humour were the foremost characteristics that made teachers their children’s favourites. 

From the above survey, we come to know some characteristics that a teacher should have to become their students’ favourite.


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A caring teacher always remains at the top of the list as they are somebody who is emphatic and kind at the same time. Teachers who are always ready to help are always favourites of their children.

A class possesses both good and naughty children. Naughty children are always disliked by many teachers, and most of the time, they are the ones who are hurt by the teachers. To cover their pain, they start doing more naughtiness or indulge more in disruptive behaviour. Teachers should analyse everything before punishing a child physically or through words. 

It is not like teachers who care; they don’t punish. Punishing a child does not mean insulting them, but rather guiding them in the right direction.

I still remember one of our teachers who was the favourite of all the naughty boys. Naughty children behave badly with all the teachers, but only one teacher understands him or her and tries to make them understand or help them carry out the right behaviour that they should.


Laughing Children in Between Woman and Man at Daytime

A humorous teacher always wins the hearts of many. They are remembered the most as they can change everything to be fun and lively. Children find enjoyment or something to learn even in the punishment given by these teachers. A humorous teacher can also help his or her children face life with a smile. 


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It is very hard to understand a child since we are grown ups and really don’t understand what is going on in their hearts and minds. In a class, there are different kinds of children; some are introvert and some are extrovert. Asking a question to an extrovert might not require so much thought as they won’t mind other children laughing at them. But the moment we want to ask something of an introvert child, we should be a little soft in dealing with them since little things can hurt them. The same is applicable to an intelligent child and and a weak child. A teacher must always think before asking a question or before punishing a child. Teachers are supposed to help children grow stronger, not break them down and make them weaker.

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