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What vitamins and minerals are good for a child’s growth?

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Vitamins and minerals are essential elements for our bodies. They help us to grow as well as keep ourselves healthy. They are as important for a child as they are for an adult. Children at their growing age need lots of vitamins and minerals so that they can attain their full potential. Every parent worries about the growth process of their kids. Some kids are good at memory, while others are physically strong, but we parents always think about our kids and their health. If you are pondering over the question of how to keep your child fit and fine, then this article would be informative for you.

There are various types of vitamins and minerals available on our mother Earth, and each one of them is important for building our bodies.

Vitamin A

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Vitamin A is an important vitamin for the growth of toddlers as it helps to develop our cells and tissues. Vitamin A can help improve our skin and eyes, development of bones and hair, etc. Milk, cheese, eggs, and some fruits and veggies are good sources of vitamin A. Give your child all this food in a small amount on a daily basis so that they can attain healthy growth.

Vitamin B

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If your child is losing energy and you want to boost their metabolism, feed them with vitamin B-rich foods. It helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system, absorption of food into our body, breaks proteins into energy, etc.

Foods such as whole grains, cereals, breads, fish, beans, eggs, nuts, etc. are loaded with different types of vitamin B in them. Including them in our daily diet can help us grow strong and energetic. Children are physically fit and energetic with the intake of vitamin B.

Vitamin D

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Production of insulin and growth of cells is done through the intake of foods high in Vitamin D. Bones and teeth remain strong and healthy with the help of this vitamin. Apart from sunlight being the richest source of vitamin D, oily fishes, egg yolks, and butter are some foods rich in vitamin D.

It is one of the essential vitamins required by our body, deficiency of which may cause rickets in children that weaken the bones and also other bone-related diseases.

Other than vitamins, minerals are also very important for the growth of our body.

Minerals that are essential for our bodies

The two most important minerals for our bodies are iron and calcium.


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Calcium makes our bones strong and our nerves and muscles function well with the intake of calcium-rich foods. It converts food into energy and is also important for blood clots. Milk, cheese, tofu, and some fruits contain a good amount of calcium in them and can be served to kids for proper growth of their bodies and minds.


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Hemoglobin and myoglobin are very important for the healthy functioning of our bodies. Iron helps in activating our brain cells and also builds hemoglobin and myoglobin in our body. It is the most important mineral to avoid anemia. Spinach, kidney beans, meat, chicken, fish, etc. are rich sources of iron and should be included in our platter every day.

If we can feed our kids with all these minerals and vitamins daily, they will be healthy and also attain proper growth. Try to include at least one of the food items from each food group daily in the platter for your kids.

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