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What should parents know about online education platforms?

What should parents know about online education platforms:?


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During this Covid-19 era, something which is evolving very fast is the online education. We all saw how all schools shifted themselves from a concrete education system to online. Teachers who didn’t know to use computers are now forced to take online video classes. Not only teachers but students are also learning the proper use of computers. Due to the birth of the online education system, it has become very difficult for parents to choose the right educator who can provide quality education to their kids.

We have come up with some guidelines which can help parents to choose the right online education platform.


Quality of Education:


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Many businesses evolve just to earn money, but there are others who want to add value. While choosing an online platform, it becomes important to communicate and understand where these platforms stand and choose it accordingly.

Attend the trial classes:


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Trial classes are something which are provided by all the online educators. Try these classes to see the difference between them. This would help to choose the right platform.

Quality of teachers:


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The quality of teachers must be known to understand whether or not they are really able to make your child understand the concept. Sometimes it’s teaching skills which matter more than the degrees which a teacher carries.


Number of students:


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We all want that our child gets personal attention when it’s the question of education. Though there are one-to-one classes also available, but in case you want your child to study in a batch, you should see how many kids they teach in a batch. Ideally, it should not cross more than 5 students if it’s for juniors and 10 for seniors.

How much practice is given:


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Drilling is only the thing which makes a child remember and understand a concept. This could be done in many ways, whether through asking questions or explaining the concept in short again and again or taking a test. All these are done to make the child practice and make themselves perfect at the subject.




As it’s not a concrete environment, a child needs to be engaged a lot to grab their attention and keep them interested in the class till the end. This not only makes their understanding clear, but also they are happy to attend the class.



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Kids are always creative. So let them learn actively by bringing in more creativity in the teaching learning process. Let children come up with ideas to define a certain topic when proper explanation is done by the teacher on the same. If these techniques are implemented by the teacher, we should understand that yes, the teacher is good and is able to transform a kid to be an individual.



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There are many approaches to provide feedback to kids. Teachers who give feedback and at the same time think about a child’s happiness to keep them attracted to their subject are the best teachers.

Keeping all these in mind, we can choose a good online educating platform for our kids.

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