24 Jan

What kind of promises should parents make to their kids?

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Grooming a child is not an easy task. It’s a step-by-step process. In these steps, it is really important to raise our child as an individual rather than someone who needs to be controlled all the time. There are some promises that we can make to our kids so that we don’t forget what we have to do to make their lives easy and smooth. promises to transform them into strong, smart and confident individuals of tomorrow. 

What are the promises that we can make to our kids and at the same time help them to be strong enough to deal with the world?

I will guide you

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Most of the time, we end up controlling our kids instead of guiding them. Guiding is to make them understand what they need to do and show them the correct path, whereas controlling means not letting them do what they actually want and always asking them to do what you want them to do. 

I know there might be various questions which might come to your mind as it is really hard to make our kids understand what is right for them and what is wrong. Children nowadays are so attracted towards video games that it really becomes difficult for parents to instruct them and leave, thinking they would understand. But reality has become so different in this pandemic that nothing else comes to our mind to keep our children engaged when we are busy doing our office  work. We know that playing video games is not good for them, but if you asked several times, they would end up playing games only. Sometimes we just have to snatch the device from their hands and help them understand it’s not good for them. They can draw instead of playing outdoor games. Here, a little bit of control is also required to let them know what is good and what is bad for them.

I promise to discipline you

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Helping them to discipline themselves is much more necessary than punishing them. Let them know what is wrong and what is right, and that would help them to analyse how they should behave or what they should do in a given situation. Punishing them can make them arrogant, so it is best to avoid punishing them.

Respect their individuality

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People do tend to say anything they like, as they think the kids might not understand or they might not get hurt by their words. Kids are actually very sensitive and any wrong behaviour towards them hurts them and they remember it throughout their life. Respect them and help them grow into strong individuals.Once they feel respected, they themselves will be disciplined.

Letting them fail

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Parents are happy when their kids score good marks in an exam or are successful in any activity. We should be happy for their achievements, but we should not forget to encourage them when they fail. Let them fail and learn rather than achieving success in one go. 

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