26 May

What are the life skills needed as a child grows?

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Have you ever thought about whether your child will be able to take care of themselves when you are not around? Will they be able to tackle all the problems that come their way for a day at least? We parents are always worried about our kids and we want to empower them with all the skills so that they do not face any problems when they grow up. Life skills must be taught to children right from an early age so that they can handle anything independently. Most kids are obedient enough to follow all the given instructions, but there are a few who will not listen to parents at all. We wait for such kids to go to high school and think they will learn everything when they are teenagers. But it is better to teach them all the skills right from an early age. Teaching them to be obedient is the first thing to be instilled.

Being obedient

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Listening to the elderly is the first life skill that should be taught to kids. As most of us have nuclear families nowadays with only one child at home, it is likely that our kids won’t listen to and obey us. It’s not their mistake, maybe somewhere we parents are not strict enough to let them know that it is important to obey their parents. This is a common problem now in many homes. Parents should try to take out some time from their busy schedule to spend some time with their little ones.


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Being healthy and following all the hygiene rules must be instilled in them from early childhood itself. Rather than shouting behind them every day to brush their teeth or take a shower, it would be preferable if they understood why they should brush their teeth and keep themselves clean. One good thing that the toothpaste advertisement has done is to make us aware of how bad our teeth could be if we don’t take proper care of them. This is the only medium through which children also come to know about cavities. And when they grow up, they themselves would suggest others to brush their teeth, otherwise they would suffer with cavities.

Decision making

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The toughest thing one has to do is to make the right decision. All our lives, we keep thinking if we took the right course to study, or are we on the correct career path etc. If children learn to accept responsibility, they will learn to make sound decisions. Involving them in small home chores or exposing them more to outdoor games are some strategies to activate their brain muscles. Let them take responsibility and learn to make the right decision.

Knowing the neighborhood

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Knowing our neighbors and the neighborhood is very important. Neighbors are the people who are closest to us and stand beside us to solve every problem we face. Children must know to behave and respect their neighbors. As they grow up a little, they come to know about the neighborhood as well. Ask them to go to the nearby shop and get some home essentials as and when needed. This way, kids learn to buy things as well as understand the value of money.

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