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Tips to support stressed-out students?

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Your exams are knocking on the door! Exams can create so much stress in small kids that sometimes they get nightmares and also get exam fever. They are scared of studying, and that is why sometimes they don’t want to study. It is important to know if they are stressed and to help them accordingly to deal with stress. 

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), students report a similar level of stress as adults. 

Stress can impact their behaviour, their eating habits, and even their sleep patterns. If they know how to cope with their stress from the beginning, it won’t cause problems when they grow up.

What are the causes of stress in students?

The burden of studies, lots of homework, classwork, assignments, extra-curricular activities, friendship, interaction with people etc. can create stress in students.

Small kids nowadays are stressed more to do their studies as, due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are attending their classes from home. They have to do both their classwork and homework.

How can we help kids and high school students deal with their stress?

Healthy diet

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Often, students and young kids are attracted to junk food and packaged food. Parents too, sometimes, are not strict enough and they too enjoy eating packed food. We should refrain from eating such foods as they not only affect us physically but also impact us mentally. Following a healthy diet plan can show good results in the development of a kid. Including protein-rich diets, dairy products, green vegetables, fruits and cereals daily in our diet can improve us both physically and mentally.

Enough Sleep

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Due to study pressure, high school students don’t get enough sleep, and we all know that a minimum of six to seven hours of sleep is required to refresh our bodies and minds. Help students to prepare a time table and do their work accordingly, so that they can finish their assignments and homework on time and, at the same time, get enough sleep.

Physical Activities

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A little bit of physical activity is required to refresh our minds. Make sure that students get enough physical activity both at school and at home so that they are ready with an active mind to grab more knowledge. Physical activity doesn’t mean only doing yoga or exercise; any kind of outdoor game can be played to keep the body and mind stress free.

Early morning meditation

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People say meditation can be done at anytime of the day, but for me, I found it to be more effective if done early in the mornings. At the same time, breathing while meditation can help students get oxygenated from the inside. Visualisation during meditation can help them know and focus on their destination.

Schools, on the other hand, should check on the study pressure on their kids. According to CBSE, kids till class 2 should not be given any homework, and at the same time, the syllabus should not be overburdened to create stress on students.

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