23 Jun

The power of your subconscious mind

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According to psychology, the subconscious mind is that part of our mind which is away from focal awareness. It is our mind with its thoughts, willpower, sixth sense, etc. Nowadays, we hear about our subconscious mind every now and then. We find so much information about it on Google and YouTube. We have also come to know that our subconscious mind is very powerful, but how powerful we don’t know. Lots of grey matters still remain. There is a lot of research going on about it and people have come up with their own findings. Some of them make us feel overwhelmed, while others are acceptable to us. For example, our success depends on our actions, our choice of words, and our thoughts. Let’s understand how the subconscious mind is powerful.

What is the power of a subconscious mind?

From ancient times, many saints and gurus of our country have mastered this art of activating their subconscious minds and have had very powerful results from this technique. Not only this, in modern days also, there are people like Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, Brain Tracy, and many others who have learnt to activate the power of their subconscious mind and are successful in their areas.

It is said that if we believe in our subconscious mind and know its power, we can make amazing things happen. We can get good health, be happy all the time, prosper more, create good relationships, etc.

The following procedures can help us activate our subconscious mind.


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Meditation is known to be the most effective strategy to connect with our inner mind and activate our subconscious mind. Try meditating early in the morning, keeping away all the negative thoughts from your mind. Find a quiet and airy place for yourself to meditate.


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Practice visualization every day. Most of us don’t know how to practice visualization, so if you are a beginner, start by noting smells and sounds. You can then start noticing color, texture, taste, etc. Some people use vision boards so that they can gather all their thoughts in one place and visualize them later while practicing.

Affirmation—positive thinking

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Start your day with positive thoughts that are known as affirmations. Talk to positive people around you. Remind yourself to always be positive and indulge in positive talk with yourself. It helps us remain positive and energetic to achieve our goal. Affirmation can also be done while taking a shower or while cooking. If our mind remains positive, everything around us remains positive.

Plan your goals.

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Plan what you want to achieve within the next six months or one year. Work on it accordingly and keep your plans realistic so that they are achievable. Don’t make your plans too difficult to achieve. Take small steps and implement each step on a daily basis. If your plans were achievable, your goals would definitely be achievable.

Show gratitude

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Be thankful for where you are and whatever you have. Show gratitude to people around you, especially to your family members and things you own. Remind yourself to be happy with whatever you have and keep saying to yourself that people are working for you. This will help you to remain positive and happy all the time.

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