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The importance of social interaction

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Social interaction is very important during the development years of a child. The more they are with people, the more they learn. Everything that we learn is by absorbing others. An infant in its growing years tries to catch the sounds, and that is how they learn to speak. In the same way, when we are amongst people, we learn to play, talk, make friendships with others, etc. These skills are vital for kids to absorb and develop as well.

Read more to understand how social interactions can be one of the important developmental milestones for kids.

Interacting with others

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One of the most important aspects of being a human being is interacting with others. A man is a social being, and we can’t stay alone anywhere. The art of interacting with others helps us to be friendly with others and empathise with them. Many times, we think about what to say and how to say it. However, if we have grown up among friends and relatives, these tactics are instilled in us automatically.Social interaction includes how we interact with others.to act and how to react. In our everyday lives, we meet many people, and if we know how to handle our social relationships, we are definitely successful in our lives.

Learning new words

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Through social interactions, children come across new words, and they also try to use them in their own talk. Indirectly, their communication skills also develop when we interact with more and more people. Once we know how to communicate smoothly, our confidence also develops.

Team work

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Kids always play together, and they imagine some kind of script and assign different roles to each one of them. As they play their own role as a teacher or a student, they learn to work in a group. They learn how their work is dependent on others’ and how they should follow a particular sequence to play the game successfully. This is how they learn to work in a team and help each other when needed. They also develop the skill of having patience when they wait for their turn to come.

Imagining the impossible

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Social interaction gives them a chance to understand how others see the world or what their perspective is on a single issue or event. They learn to understand others and listen to others. This is how they learn to respect others’ viewpoints rather than being adamant about their own.

Having lots of friends

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Friends are like our souls. They have the capacity to understand us and are ready to help us in every situation. Children learn to make friends with others and, at the same time, their self-esteem also increases when they know they have lots of friends around them and they are part of a group. They enjoy themselves together and learn to always be happy. On the other hand, if there is ever a fight between them, they also learn to resolve them. As they talk about different things with their friends, they also learn to imagine and are curious to know more.

All human beings are social beings and we love to be in a society rather than keeping ourselves aloof from others. So is the case with our kids too. As they interact more with people, they learn more, and in a way, their knowledge and maturity both develop.

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