16 Apr

The importance of listening to news

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There are a variety of learning opportunities served to students so that they can gain more knowledge out of them. Listening is a skill that we all ought to develop, and listening to the news could be a way to help nourish such a skill. Students are asked to read newspapers to develop their writing skills and language skills, as well as general knowledge. When it comes to the development of a language, it is not only reading that is required, but listening too is equally important.

While reading this article, you will come to understand why listening to the news is important for students and how it helps them develop their language skills.

The moment we talk about learning any language, all the tricks of LSRW need to be used. LSRW – Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. In this article, we are going to talk about listening only and how it helps in language learning.

Along with reading the news, children must also be asked to listen to the news. Why should we do so? Letโ€™s understand.

Listening helps us understand the pronunciation of each word.

It improves our listening skills to understand and not to answer.

We come across the correct sounds made by each English letter.

We learn to structure sentences in an appropriate manner.

Vocabulary is in abundance when we listen to the news.

Our general knowledge improves.

English is known to be a professional language and the only medium through which to speak to the world. This is why learning English as a second language is so important. A person who knows how to speak, read, and write in English has a better chance of succeeding in their career. This is the reason why we are all running to learn to speak English.

Listening to the news can be as useful as reading the news in the advancement of this language. Keep listening to the same news again and again if you donโ€™t understand English and want to learn it. First, donโ€™t try to mug up, but listen for fun every day. Within a week’s time, you will find yourself catching four to five words from the news and then sentences.

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Listening to BBC news would be a great help in improving your language skills.

Try listening to the BBC World Service. It is a fantastic resource to improve our language skills: www.bbc.co.uk/worldserviceradio

Ideas to listen to the news effectively

Keep listening to the news and do not try to memories new words or sentences.

Try to understand the news. If you are not able to understand, listen to the news in your own language and then in English.

Write down what you understand.

When you start to understand the news in English, try to catch their pronunciation.

Then finally, you can crab new vocabulary.

Listening is a skill that, if developed, can help us learn and understand many new things. Listen to understand and not to answer or memorise. This will help in our language improvement as well as general knowledge acquisition.

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