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The importance of flowers

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Flowers as a creation always refresh our minds. The beautiful flowers with their nostalgic fragrance can fill us with positivity. Now, talking about the importance of flowers is out of the question, as we all know how attractive they can be. Flowers help us to convey our happiness to others, and that is why in any celebration, the place of the flowers is the most important one. Not only that, it also helps us to show our respect and love for somebody. In Hindus, puja is said to be incomplete without flowers, though we have to do puja everyday without flowers, as in cities we don’t have our own garden to offer flowers to God daily. As such, it is said that while worshiping, the connection of our soul with God is more important than any other offering, and that’s what should be kept in mind. So, we are talking about flowers here, isn’t it? Let’s get back to our topic.

Do you remember anybody who gave you flowers for the first time? The moment somebody gifts us with flowers, a sudden smile appears on our faces and our minds are overwhelmed with joy with the fragrance of the same. It’s a feeling and it always remains in our hearts. That’s how important flowers are in our lives. In which ways can flowers be important to us and to nature? Let’s understand.

The importance of flowers

For nature

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We see only the outer beauty of the flowers, but they are one of the important structures of nature. Besides adding beauty to nature, it is also used as food for many organisms. The most important work done by flowers is to attract pollinators. You might know how honey bees collect nectar from one flower to another, but along with the same, the reproductive activity of the plant takes place, and that’s how we get fruits and vegetables to eat. Inside these fruits and vegetables, there are seeds which again grow into new plants and the cycle goes on.

For medicine

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Since ancient times, plants, herbs, and flowers have been used for making medicines. Some medicinal flowers like lavender, begonia, carnations, gardenia, jasmine, hibiscus are some of the flowers which are used for medicines. They are a cure for many diseases and hence are very important for us human beings.

For producing fruits and vegetables.

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Without flowers, the production of fruits and vegetables can’t be done. In a plant, both male and female flowers are present, which consist of the reproductive organs of the plant. When pollination takes place through the help of bees and other animals, reproduction takes place and hence production of fruits and vegetables is done. Without flowers, we cannot think of reproduction, and without it, we won’t get fruits or vegetables to eat.

Helps in releasing anxiety and tension.

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When we try to release our anxiety or tension, we try to land in nature or in a spa. And both places have one thing in common, and that is flowers. When we see flowers nearby, we smell them and our brain releases feel-good hormones.And thus, we are stress-free and enlightened with love, laughter, joy, and happiness.

Decorating our home

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Planting more flower plants in our garden and decorating our outdoors or interiors with flowers and plants can spread positivity within us along with giving a heavenly feeling to our surroundings.


Flowers are one of the important creations of nature. Seeing flowers blooming in your garden early in the morning has the capacity to energise your day with lots of happiness and positivity.

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