19 Nov

The etiquette of sharing is caring

Siblings Playing A Green Plush Toys

Inculcating values right from childhood is very important. It is said home is the first place where a child starts learning. And parents are the first teacher to teach everything and groom up a child. There are various etiquettes which elders try to kindle in the little hearts. Out of those etiquettes, sharing is one of the important ones. Sharing helps a child to think wisely and be kind to others. It can help nurture your child in the right way and help them to walk on the right path.


Tips to inculcate the value of sharing in small kids.


Try sharing your things with your kid

Soldier Giving Red Fruit on 2 Children during Daytime

As it is said, education begins at home, we should act in a diligent manner so that our child learns the right behaviour through us. Share your things with your kid so that they learn the concept of sharing. 

Often we see people restricting children from touching things, thinking they would damage them. To some extent it’s true, but let them touch and understand what the thing is about. At the same time, you can explain to them what it is and then ask it back from them politely. 

Play games.

Two Girls Sharing Artworks

Playing games is the best activity which can teach our small kids the essence of sharing. Sometimes while playing hide and seek or Ludo, children might fight for their turn. In such cases, let them know that everybody present there wants to play, and we should give a chance to them as well. Make them understand their turn will also come, and they can play then. These are some small things which can teach sharing and kindness to our kids.

Feeding the poor or donating.

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Birthdays are very special for every kid. During this time they look for new and expensive toys and also want to have a party for their friends. This is the right time when we can teach sharing to them. Let them know giving is so important. Ask them to give something to the poor children rather buying toys for themselves and at the same time give them something to eat.They can celebrate their best birthday by giving joy to others.

Reading moral stories.

Cheerful young woman hugging cute little girl and reading book together while lying in soft bed in light bedroom at home in daytime

Reading a moral-based story every night not only develops a child’s imagination, but it also let them know about various values. Stories can teach them the importance of being kind and sharing with others. 


Life is not about taking something. It’s all about sharing everything.

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