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Changing face of education in India:

Changing face of education in India:


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Education is an important aspect of our life. It helps to build better and responsible citizens and also at the same time creates the future of the country. If we refer to history, we will know how education has changed itself, with the changing time. From Ashram education which was followed in Lord Krishna’s time to Nalanda University to CBSE, and now we can see a change happening again due to the technological innovations in the education system.

We can see how the education system has changed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. A year back our kids used to go to school to educate themselves, which used to happen in a concrete classroom using a blackboard and chalk and duster as the main medium to transfer the knowledge from the teacher to the students. Within a few years’ time everything has changed. Now the classroom and school have become a past for us. We are in a phase of change again. Isn’t our generation a lucky one to experience all such changes ? We know earlier the computer was something which was only used by people who worked in corporates, but teachers used to be busy with their books to gain more and more knowledge and blackboard and chalk to transfer their knowledge.

The changing face of education forced our teachers to change themselves. Now teachers are seen to be working on laptops and computers, creating slides and material to teach their students through an online platform.
Change happens so that we can evolve a little more. If we evolve, we can survive or we are out of the game.

With the changing time, the syllabus and curriculum of teaching is also changed. Now students are not pressurised to learn the concepts which are not unimportant in fact it is changed to what is important to learn.

Creativity and art are emphasised more to understand how art can be integrated with all the topics or subjects of learning.
Children are more interested in creativity rather than murmuring the definitions which a teacher might ask to repeat after her. We must understand that clearing the concept is much more important than memorising a given definition.

Emphasis is also being given on clearing a concept using the mother tongue since kids understand better if something is taught to them in their mother tongue.

All these changes are made so that students can learn in a more refined manner sitting at home using all the technological know-how.

With the changing time, we should change else time will force us to change, otherwise we will be out of the game. This is what we learnt in the current pandemic. Pandemic forced us to create a new curriculum for the students as well as a new method of teaching and learning was adopted for smooth transfer of knowledge.

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