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The art of being an effective listener

The art of being an effective listener:

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The art of listening is to understand the speaker with patience and empathy. Many of us think that we are good listeners, but the actual point is that we listen but not effectively. In this technological era we are so stressed or so concerned with our own selves that we donโ€™t have time to listen to the other person. Listening is a skill which helps us know, more about the other person, solves many problems, builds cordial relationship, promotes proper communication. Yet many of us do not posses this skill.

Why effective listening:

Developing effective listening skill is required to maintain a friendly environment both in the office and at home. When people know that there is somebody to listen to them, they discuss their problems without hesitation. It helps to resolve conflict in the team, hence meeting the goal of the team. Listening to family members and understanding them gifts you a happy and supportive family.

How to be an effective listener?

Practice effective listening:

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Try to listen to people carefully to know what they want to convey. For being an effective listener, you have to listen to the other person without interrupting him or her. If the speaker is speaking for a long time, donโ€™t show that you are getting bored or irritated. You can paraphrase or probe to get more information out of the person.

Let them know that you are listening to them:

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When the other person is talking, let them know that you are listening to them. Many a time we search for a person who can listen and understand us. Be a person who can listen as well as understand the speaker. Make eye contact with the speaker to show that you are there to listen to them.

Ask questions:

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Ask questions to show as well as understand what message they want to give. Sometimes paraphrasing is good to create interest in the speaking listening activity.

Keep judgement away:

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It’s good to just listen to the speaker rather than providing any judgement. But if it is necessary, try to put your opinion only when the other person has finished talking. Talking in between might change the topic of speaking rather than knowing what actually the person wanted to convey.

Give a response to them:

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Respond to the person respectfully to keep the conversation going. Also, give them your view point and let them know whether they are right or wrong on what they are speaking.

Listen to absorb what the speaker is speaking. Most of the time people want the other person to show interest and listen to what they are talking about and provide feedback accordingly. A good listener is always the best boss.

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