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Teaching Young Students How to reflect on their learning.

Teaching Young Students How to reflect on their learning.

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A true teacher is not one who has a lot of degrees and knowledge. A true teacher is one who can effectively impart their teaching to students. What a teacher teaches should reach the student effectively. A teacher always wants his/or her kid to reflect on their learning to trust themselves and to be a successful individual. Reflecting is a skill to critically understand the topic. So when your students ask questions to you, do not hesitate to answer them, in fact motivate them to ask more questions. How to reflect on our learning or how can we teach our kids to critically analyse what they have learned is the question.

Let’s understand and implement the process of thinking critically or reflecting on our learning.

Let your class be more engaging:

While teaching, a teacher should always focus on transforming their class to be more interesting and engaging. Let your student speak more than you speak. Just introduce the topic and keep on asking questions to them. Questioning helps them to think critically and come out with an answer. Even if the answer is not correct, it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether they are focusing on what the teacher is teaching rather than getting distracted. Young minds get distracted very soon, in such cases we have to break a topic into various small pieces. Deliver a piece in a day and after each explanation ask them questions. This will help them to reflect as well as to remember the topic.

Try to integrate your subject with other subjects:

Integrating a subject with another helps them to reflect more on both the subjects.
I remember while I was teaching adjectives to kids, one of the kids said that he visited his grape garden. So I asked what he did in the garden, so he answered he planted some small saplings of grapes with his father. Then I asked, how does a grape plant grow? He said, “it grew like a tree,” then my next question was if he had studied the types of plants in his Environmental Science class, so other kids answered yes, and they said “it grew like a climber.”

This is how we can integrate one subject with another. Here I asked only questions and the whole topic came from the kids through their answers. This helped them to get clear understanding about adjectives and also about types of plants.

Bring on some activities:

There are various activities like role-play, jig-saw, think-pair and share, which can be used to make the topic more clear as well as understandable.
So if you are teaching a topic, break it into four to five pieces. Accordingly, divide the students into four to five groups. Assign each group a topic and let them discuss it with their group members and come up with new ideas and present it before the other students.
This will not only clear their understanding about the topic, but they will also learn to work in a team as well as learn to give a presentation in front of many students.

Show topic-related videos:

Some topics need deeper understanding. In such cases we can show related videos to them and also keep the class interesting videos can be shown to the students. Visual images help them to understand and reflect on the topic which is being taught in the class.

Let them shape their imagination:

Children always keep on imagining one thing or the other. Each of them has different imagination or different perspective about viewing a topic. Ask them to give a shape to their imagination either through writing a story or a paragraph or an essay, they can also draw their imagination or also create a new activity which can be enjoyed by many while learning.

Teaching is an art, it is not a duty. An art where we shape the future of small kids so that we teach them to be a little more confident each day, teach them to love themselves, teach them to reflect not only on what they learnt but also on all the worldly problems and also don’t forget to teach them to add value in others’ lives.

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