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Teacher-Parent Communication Strategies.

Teacher-Parent Communication Strategies.


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Education plays a significant role towards child growth. Most of the knowledge which children gain is from their parents and teachers. Involvement of parents and teachers towards the acquisition of knowledge plays a vital role in a child’s life. As both of them are involved in imparting knowledge to a kid, so here it is also important for both of them to communicate with each other to understand the child better.
This is why at the end of every academic year a parent teacher meeting is held in every school to discuss the child’s progress and to understand the areas where the child needs improvement.

How can the communication between a teacher and parent be effective, what all strategy should we follow to communicate with each other? Let’s read and understand.

Friendly communication

Parent-teacher communication should always be engaging rather than formal. Friendly communication brings us closure to each other where we can openly discuss all the problems and how we both can support the child’s growth. A healthy relationship must be maintained both between a parent and a teacher.

Share warmth with parents

Personally, meeting with parents and talking to them is very effective, though during the pandemic such communication was not possible, but virtual meeting has filled the gap and enabled both the parties to communicate with each other and get to know each other better.

Write about your kid

As kids are asked to write an essay on their parents, in the same way parents can be asked to write all information about their kids which the teacher must know. This could be done as a survey too, which would help the parents to answer questions and cover all the aspects of their child’s growth.

Out of the school meeting

Some of the schools facilitate student house visit, where teachers would visit the house of the kids to understand them better. This is done to check the environment in which the child is growing, whether they have all the facility or not and also to know about the other family members of the house. This enables to build a strong relationship between parents and teachers.

Usage of social media

Social media can be used to show parents what all the activity a kid did in a single day, how they are progressing and how they are behaving in school. This helps parents to understand how the teaching learning process is going on in a school.

Parent-teacher communication benefits both the teacher and parents as well as the student. It helps us to know more about the student, understand parents expectations, and it also helps us to know about the teaching learning methodology followed in the school.

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