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Teach your kid to be a good guest.

Teach your kid to be a good guest.


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Often we feel embarrassed when our kids don’t behave in parties and social gatherings. We feel helpless when our kids don’t listen to us, they keep jumping here and there, touching everything which comes across them and at last making others think how you are growing your kid.

Let’s understand how to teach them to be a good guest.

Kids love to attend parties as they can have lots of fun and meet with their friends. Parties are always entertaining and rejoicing for all of us, but sometimes, due to bad manners of a single kid, the whole party can be ruined. Here it becomes very important for parents to teach party manners to kids.

Instruct your kid before going to the party:


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Let your kid know all the dos and don’ts that he or she needs to follow at a party. Most of the time kids don’t know how to behave in a particular situation, and that’s when they get irritated and start behaving badly.

Teach these magical words to your kid:


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Every kid must know when to say thank you and sorry. These are the magical words which help them to know when they are mistaken and when to acknowledge others for their actions. Words like excuse me and my pleasure should also be taught to kids, and they should also know when to use them.

Ask them to be polite and obey others while at the party:


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We should teach our kids to be polite both through their actions and words. We should make them understand that when they are polite and exhibit good behaviour, they make lots of friends.

Wishing others:


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Let them know how important it is to wish others. Teach them how to wish a birthday boy or girl at a birthday party.

Table manners:


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This is one of the crucial things which kids find hard to follow. Be with them while having food at a party, but let them also know a few table rules. Like how to use a napkin, how to eat properly using a fork and spoon etc. We should also instruct them to take small portions of food rather than filling their plate with their favourite food.

Ask permission:


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Make your child understand how important it is to ask for permission before touching anything in others house. Let them know that they should take approval of the host first, then should touch anything.

Complaining about others:

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Children often complain about every small thing. Instruct them not to complain about anything when they attend any party. Tell them not to complain about any food or activity or about anything. And they should not point at anybody.

Appreciate the host:


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Tell them to appreciate the party saying the arrangements were good or we enjoyed the party a lot etc. Let them know how important it is to appreciate the host as they have put a lot of efforts to arrange a party for us.

Be a good guest and enjoy the party till the end…

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