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Teach traffic and road rules to your kids

Whenever we think of our kids, safety and security is the first thing which strikes in our mind. While choosing a school for our kids, the first thing which comes to our mind is their safety. He always keeps them safe from all kinds of dangers, and we expect the same from their teachers too. In the same way, while crossing the road or while walking or driving on the street, we have to follow some rules to keep ourselves safe, and they are known as traffic rules.
Children being small kids are unknown of all the rules which we follow for our own safety. So it is compulsory for us to teach them traffic rules both at home and at school.
Traffic rules are created for keeping us safe on the road, and the same should be followed and also asked others to follow.

turn on traffic light

Basic traffic rules

Give basic traffic rules to your kids while you are travelling with them on the road showing all the different kinds of symbols. Let them know that:

Yellow light: This tells us to slow down as the next red light is going to come when they have to stop. Sometimes we think it is not important, but this light is also very important as most of the time vehicles move fast, and they just cannot stop suddenly, they have to slow down their speeds first to avoid road accidents.

Red Light: Let your child know that red light means to stop. Why does the red light want us to stop? There are many vehicles which come from all the four directions. Together, if they don’t move, nobody will reach anywhere and all will be stuck in a traffic jam. So red light asks vehicles moving from a certain direction to stop so that the road is clear and the vehicles moving to the other direction can move.

Green Light: Green light means go. When it is green, we should start driving our vehicle.

The walking man symbol: This helps people walking on the street to understand when to walk and when not to walk.

Look to your left and right and then cross

This is the most important and basic traffic rules which must be followed while crossing the road. Ask your kids to always check both the direction, i.e., their left and right for any moving vehicle and then cross the road.

Horns at the turnings

Sometimes we cannot see a car which is turning to some other direction. It is good to listen to the sounds of horns to understand if any vehicle is approaching us.

Use sidewalks or footpaths

Let your kids understand that sidewalks or footpaths are especially made for the safety of people walking on the road. They should always use these to walk on the road and never use the road which is for vehicles.

Zebra crossing

aerial view of people crossing on road

Ask them to cross the road only through a zebra crossing when the vehicles are slow or not moving. Nowadays, skywalks are there to cross the road, and those must be used accordingly.

Don’t put your hand or head outside the window

Small kids love to put their hands and heads outside the window and enjoy the air or have fun. This could be very dangerous as they could get hurt by any moving vehicle or any other thing. Let them know the consequences so that they follow these rules even if you are not there to tell them.

Don’t run on the road

time-lapse photography of road during nighttime

Children love to play, and they are not bothered about the place. We should help them understand how dangerous it could be if they ran on the road and hence should avoid running on the road.

We are not always with our kids to show them what is right and what is wrong. Here it becomes very important to share all the safety rules with our kids so that they understand them clearly and follow them strictly.

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