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Teach personal hygiene to your kids

Teach personal hygiene to your kids:


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Personal hygiene is something which we all follow regularly to keep ourselves clean and healthy. But the outbreak of the corona virus has proved us that following hygiene rules is so important not only once but regularly and always. The coronavirus has taught us how cleaning everything before storing it at home is important, starting from fruits and vegetables to the paper money or coin we carry. One thing which was very important to keep us safe from this virus was our personal hygiene. In such cases it is also important to teach our kids basic hygienic rules. Personal hygiene habits should be induced in kids in such a way that they don’t forget it.

Daily hygiene habits:

Brush twice a day:


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From our childhood we are reading and listening to our elders on how brushing our teeth twice a day is important. Teaching our kids to brush twice a day and also letting them know the reason for the same is important. Kids are very smart. They want the reason behind everything. So let them know and understand how important it is to brush our teeth twice a day.

Bath every day with warm water:


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Bathing helps to clean our whole body. At the same time, it makes us feel active and fresh. Help your kids to bath with soap and water and rub them dry after bathing. Also, help them understand how applying cream or moisturiser helps our skin to be healthy and moist. Let them know that we should wear fresh and clean clothes every day and wash the used one.

Wash your hands:


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Ask them to wash their hands properly using hand wash after every two hours or before having a meal. Children often keep playing and touching different things. Let them know how there could be germs in their hands which can reach their stomach and make them sick if they don’t wash their hands before every meal.

Washing hands and legs after coming from outside:


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Make it a habit of washing hands and legs with soap whenever they come from outside. It’s also important to change the dress whenever we come from outside.

Wash fruits and vegetables before eating them:


child picking strawberries in kitchen

Teach them to wash fruits and vegetables before eating them. The outer layer of fruits and vegetables mostly contains germs as they are touched by many hands before reaching us, so it’s always good to wash them properly before eating.

Use a handkerchief or tissue paper:


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Teach them to use a handkerchief or tissue paper when they sneeze or cough. It stops the germs from spreading.

Maintain social distance:


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The coronavirus pandemic has taught us how we can keep ourselves safe by maintaining social distance. Teach them the importance of maintaining social distance.

Always wear a mask while leaving home:


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Germs can enter through our mouths or nose, so it’s important to wear a mask before leaving our home. So let your kids understand the necessity of wearing a mask and washing it after every use.

The easiest way to teach something to kids is to exhibit it ourselves. When we elders follow, personal hygiene, kids implement it automatically. 

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