22 Nov

Talking to your child is a necessity.

Don’t disturb me! I am busy now.

Don’t talk to me, I am busy now.

These are the answers we often give to our kids when they come to ask something or discuss something with us. So busy we have become that we don’t have time for our kids. But is it right to always be busy with work and avoiding our kids? No, it’s not right. We have to manage everything and take out time for our loved ones, isn’t it?

Side view of crop smiling African American father talking to charming child on street while looking at each other

Giving time and talking to kids is as important as earning money to make our both ends meet. When we talk to our kids, they feel they have somebody to listen to, somebody who understands them. If you don’t listen, they might start finding people from the outside world when they grow up. And how that person would behave with your kid that no-one knows—they might be good or they might be not. This is the reason why we should talk to our kids.

Why does talking to kids matter? Let’s find out:

It helps in understanding them

Mother talking with small daughter in bedroom

Talking, listening and understanding go hand in hand. When you talk to your child, you come to know what is going on in their mind. You understand them better and explain things to them according to their understanding.

They find somebody to support

Cheerful ethnic teenager speaking with anonymous gardener with watering can while looking away on farm in daylight

Children often may think negatively if they can’t find anybody to talk with. When they talk to you, they look at you as somebody who supports them, understands them. If you don’t give time now, they will never have time for you.

Develop a good relationship

Father Talking to his Son

Talking with a positive tone is very important. Even if you are over burdened with work, it is always good to explain to your child that you will listen to them after some time. Now you can’t talk to them as now you are busy with your work. Try to give your full attention when you are with them. Using the phone or watching television might not allow you to develop a good relationship between you and your child. Try to play something with them or read books or just talk to them about your childhood or even you can listen to what they have to say. 

Learn to behave

Ethnic mother standing in kitchen near anonymous girl at home

How you behave with them is very important. Check your behaviour. Try to behave in a friendly and respectful manner to them. How you behave is what you get back. If you give them respect indirectly, you are teaching them to respect you and others. 

They will trust you.

Calm senior woman and teenage girl in casual clothes looking at each other and talking while eating cookies and cooking pastry in contemporary kitchen at home

When you build a relationship with them, they come back to you to discuss all their issues. Teenage is said to be the most tender phase. If there is a good relationship, they will come to you to talk and discuss their issues. You can support them accordingly as you are the right person to guide them.

Think if you didn’t build good relation with them they can even take out some wrong way to solve their issues This can lead them to walk on the wrong path. 

Listen to them, talk to them, understand them, be with them when they need you. Don’t ignore them just because you have lots of office work. Work can be done later or by somebody else, but your child is yours, and you have to take care of them.

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