22 May

Strategies for problem solving at home

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Kids may encounter various problems in their day-to-day lives. Parents can support them when they are small, but it becomes difficult when they grow up. Kids aged between 114 years depend on their parents to do their daily activities and solve problems if any. Parents should try to make their children skilful by asking them to do small activities of their own. In this article, we are going to learn some strategies that can help our kids solve problems on their own.

Coping with friends

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The biggest problem with small kids in their early years is that they do not know how to adjust to their siblings or friends. Every now and then, they would get into a fight, and their parents would have to intervene to resolve the situation.It is difficult for a three-year-old kid to understand and adjust to their friends, but sometimes such behaviour can be encountered in big kids as well. Parents of such kids should intervene and help them understand how they should behave with their friends and also keep a good relationship with them. 

My son used to keep complaining about his friends when he was little and I used to intervene in between to solve their problems. But when he grew up a little more to be 7 years old, I told him not to complain about his friends every now and then. When I asked him not to complain, he, as a curious child, asked me, “Mummy, we should not complain about our friends?” And my answer was ‘Yes’ to him. Nowadays, he doesn’t complain and can easily adjust to others.

Knowing how to behave

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Our values are shown through our behaviour. Every parent tries to install values in their kids, but it really depends on the kids whether they follow their parents’ instructions or not. Some kids are really bullies, and others have to bear with them. Kids who are bullish in nature always try to turn the other person down, and sometimes it’s not the mistake of the kids but of the parents. Some Indians are so obsessed with their boy children that they are blind to see the mistakes committed by their kids. They can blame others, but they would never see problems in their own kids. Such style of parenting is really bad for the future of kids. These kids are the ones who can become goons when they grow up. It is really important for parents to keep an eye on their kids and also to instruct and scold them when they are wrong. 

Doing their daily work

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Arranging the books according to the timetable, ironing the uniform, polishing the shoes are some of the activities that kids above the age of seven should know. Nowadays, most families are nuclear where both parents are working. It is not possible for parents to look into every activity of their kids. Parents can teach their children how to organise their books according to a schedule, how to polish their shoes, and so on. When kids do their work on their own, they become responsible. They also learn to keep themselves clean and depend a little less on their parents. 

Usage of gadgets

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In this technological era, we have got so many gadgets at home that are user-friendly and also make our lives easy. It is good if we can help them know how to call their parents or how to warm their food in the microwave. Children nowadays are very smart and can learn anything quickly. They can take food from the refrigerator and warm it up in the microwave as well. Just a little instruction and guidance is needed. Also, kids below twelve years of age should not be left alone to use any kind of gadget. 

These strategies make our lives easier and our kids smarter.

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