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Speech therapy tips for parents to use at home.

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Right from the birth of a child till the time they grow up, parents keep worrying about each milestone of their child’s development pattern. Whether they are physically ok whether they are eating properly or not all are the different things which we think of.

As the child starts growing, we worry about their speech fluency. Still we remember the first time our child said Mumma or Papa or Dada, or whatever word was easy for them to speak. We keep an eye on them to check if they are able to articulate sentences, if they are able to understand what others are telling etc. Some children start speaking before they complete one year of age. While some children face difficulties to speak properly even if they are more than two years old. Such kids need extra care and assistance so that they can learn speaking as fast as they can.

Why some kids speak late?

According to medical science, children with down syndrome or autism are the ones who speak late, but here we cannot think that all late talkers are either dealing with autism or down syndrome. Children without such special cases also speak late, and that could be due to some other developmental issues or not to try to speak at all. Children more than two years old who are not able to frame sentences and usually use less than fifty words are known as late talkers. Nowadays, most of the kids speak late, and their development pattern is little slow, the reason being an only child at home in a nuclear family. If a child grows in a nuclear family, they hardly get their parents attention as they are busy doing their work, and these kids are late talkers most of the time. 

Children with autism and Down syndrome can also lead a normal life if they are diagnosed early. Some times children could be late talkers genetically, so parents should not worry much about it as it takes time to learn new words. They should keep on providing love and care so that they can learn fast. 

In a child is a late talker their hearing ability needs to be diagnosed first to check if they can hear what is being said. They should also be taken to a speech therapist who can help them talk as well as find out the real problem behind late talking. 

There are many medical aids for children facing speech difficulties, but today we are going to learn about some home therapy or home exercises which can help our child speak fast.

Talk to your small munchkins

Communicating is the best speech therapy where kids learn more by coming across new words and sounds and also understand how to use them. We have seen the elder people of our family to talk a lot with the newborns. We think that they are babies, but actually that is not the case. When you speak to them, they keep on staring at your eyes and mouth. That is the way they grasp the sounds of the letters and then try to articulate words out of them and gradually head towards forming sentences.

Read story books

As the days are going by, we are coming across new innovative books for kids which are full of colourful pictures and beautiful stories. Read the stories to them by showing the different pictures. As they get attracted towards the colours, they do listen to the stories as well. Though they don’t understand the story, but they do catch the sounds. Which helps them to develop their speech process.

Recite rhymes to them.

Rhymes are specially created for kids so that they are introduced to new words through singing. We still remember some of the rhymes which we sang in our childhood, isn’t it? Through this we can understand the power of rhymes, and we also come to know how helpful it is for kids in their speech development.

Interaction with other children is vital.

Small kids speak a lot while playing. Playing not only helps in the development of speech, but it also helps to develop many other things. As they play, they are attracted towards other kids and also excited to talk and thus help themselves learn speaking.

Development of speech is one of the important developments without which a child faces difficulty in expressing themselves. So help them grow with a proper speaking style.

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