26 Oct

Sleep well to get a good health

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The new technology era has given us a plethora of tools with which to keep ourselves entertained. People who work on new technology, on the other hand, work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without taking care of their health. There isn’t enough time to sleep in our modern period because there is so much to accomplish and think about.

Those who do not have employment can spend hours amusing themselves with various gadgets and so do not get enough sleep.

But sleep is important to get good health. To refresh our mind and body so that we can start working again. People think it’s only a good diet and exercise which should be done to take care of our health. But good sleep is as important as a good diet. 

Not getting enough sleep can lead to develop many health issues like heart disease, stroke, obesity etc. People working in night shifts often complain of different health issues as their body and mind do not get timely rest. It becomes hard for the body to accept the changed pattern, and hence people working at night do not get quality sleep in the morning.

Is good sleep important to us? If yes, then why, let’s understand…..

Strong brain


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We think that sleeping is just a time to give rest to our body, and we can avoid it. According to a few people, sleeping is just a waste of time. But doctors say sleep is very important for our body as it gives rest to our body as well as makes our brains more strong to work.

When you sleep, your brain keeps working to remember what all you have learnt and remove all the unwanted things from your body.

Have you ever thought why newborn babies sleep a lot! If you talk to your elders, they would answer ,”let them sleep, when they sleep, their brains grow.” This is the answer you are going to get from them. And it is same with we adults too. So get good sleep to get a strong brain and a healthy body.

Truths about sleep


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As we grow, our sleep requirement changes. The school-going children should get nine to ten hours of sleep every day. Teenagers should get at least eight hours of sleep every day, whereas adults need seven hours of good sleep every day. Some people say that adults need less sleep. But the truth is that getting the right amount of sleep is as important for an adult as for a baby. 

If you don’t get enough sleep one night, you won’t be able to make up for it the next day. People who work at night believe that a weekend nap will suffice, but doctors say this is a myth. Your body will not benefit if you are not sleeping, even if you are sleeping through the day and night on weekends. Many health disorders, in fact, can be caught up with.

Sleep ataxia


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Many of us dreams of getting a good and quality sleep, but they cannot due to their health issues. They need medication to get good sleep. Such sleeping problems come under sleep disorder or sleep ataxia. 

Insomnia is one of the sleep disorders which can give you sleepless nights, ultimately getting a feeble and unrested body and mind. 

Sleep apnea is another sleeping disorder where upper airways are blocked during sleep and stops airflow in our body. This keeps the person awake through the night and hence proceeding towards deteriorated health. This disease is dangerous, and doctors medication must be taken if the problem persists.

Get good sleep


If you keep on getting sleeping problems regularly, then you should get your health checked to know if there is a problem. A few people can get sleep disorder due to excessive thinking or nervousness. Yoga and meditation can relax your mind and body and can help you to get good and quality sleep.


                            Never ignore sleeping disorders, it can lead to a serious problem.

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