22 Apr

Sleep is the best medicine.

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At the end of a tiring day, the only thing that comes to our mind is to get into our own comfortable bed and fall asleep on it. Sleep is one of the most important activities of our lives as it gives rest to our body and mind and also refreshes us for the next activity. Some people love to sleep a lot, as it is something that soothes their minds and keeps them away from all worldly problems. A good night’s sleep fills our bodies with lots of energy and happiness.

If you can sleep well, you are blessed, and if you don’t think so, you can ask this question to those who cannot sleep or are dealing with insomnia. Due to our hectic modern life, which is full of stress and tension, some people do not get good sleep throughout the night and others may suffer from the disease called insomnia.

A few years back, I remember I too used to be stressed as there was lots of work to be completed and I used to toss from one side of the bed to the other the whole night as I could not sleep. The next day, I had to wake up early as I had to rush to the office, and every task in the office seemed to be a burden for me. I used to feel less energetic and more irritated the whole time. People used to ask me whether I was well or not by looking at my face. I knew it was only sleep that I was longing for. This happens to me once in a blue moon, but can you think of the situation of people who cannot sleep so many nights taken together or those who are suffering from insomnia?

Let’s look at a few tips which can help us get good sleep during the night.


Early to bed and early to rise

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One of the famous quotes we listened to from our childhood is “early to bed, early to rise.” This means sleeping early to get up early in the morning. Following a fixed schedule to go to sleep and getting up is also helpful in getting sleep on time. If one keeps changing his or her sleeping time every now and then, it is likely that they won’t get enough sleep at a fixed time. This is why it is very important to follow a strict schedule and adhere to our bedtimes.

Reading Books

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It’s always good to read a book during bedtime as it channels our thoughts in the right direction and helps us get a good sleep. And it’s always true that the moment we see a book, we feel sleepy. Isn’t it? Maybe it’s not the same for everybody, but, of course, if you aren’t a studious person, you are definitely going to fall asleep the moment you see a book. Otherwise, it is also a healthy habit to read a book before going to sleep.

Daily physical activity

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Try to include some physical activity in your daily routine. Physical activity helps us to be fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. Children play outside and get tired, but for us adults, we have to find a special time to take care of ourselves. Try to do running and jogging early in the morning, and if you have time in the evening, you may join a gym or yoga class too. These activities will stretch your muscles and help you stay active throughout the day, while at the same time helping you get a good and deep sleep at night.

Meditation for our minds

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We all say meditation is good for our minds and helps us think in the right direction. Throughout the day, we keep thinking, and eighty percent of our thoughts are negative. Due to these, we get many health issues. So, if we can channelize our thoughts in the right direction, we can stay fit and healthy. But how to meditate correctly is a question. For this, it is good to attend any meditation or yoga class. Instructors in such classes know how to channel our thoughts so we can follow their instructions and keep peace in our minds.

Make your days productive.

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People who have retired from their job or are in a monotonous kind of job are likely to get stressed most of the time. Try to make your days productive by doing one or both of these activities. It may include things like learning new things or teaching something to people that you know. Also, helping people is a very good activity that gives us peace of mind. So, keep adding value to the world and indirectly add value to yourself.

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