22 Sep

Skills that parents should teach their children to keep them safe

Parents always worry about how their kids are going to face challenges in their life. It is one of the thoughts which keeps on coming in my mind, and we keep on working on it to make our child more skilled so that they are prepared for their future. Being adults, we know what all challenges our children can face when they grow up, isn’t it?

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Let’s understand what all skills our kids require to grow up as a strong individual.

Reading and writing

Reading and writing is one of the most important skills which we can teach our child. It helps them to gain various information, increases their knowledge and boosts their imagination. Help them get age-appropriate books so that they can learn various new things. Apart from reading books, they can also read small articles in newspapers. Help them get comic and other informative magazines to keep them interested in learning.

Socialising with peers, neighbours and relatives

Socialising is one of the important aspects of our life as it is said that a man is a social being. Help them communicate with people without any hesitation. Don’t impose too many rules on them, such as asking them to greet the guest and leave the room when any guest arrives. This is how we restrict them to talk to our guests, and at the same time we restrict their communication. Let them sit with you, let them talk to others and have fun.

Problem solving skill

The problem solving skill is necessary to learn as it helps them solve problems and make decisions in their future. If your kid is very good in studies, don’t think they are good at problem solving and decision making as well. Help them know about problems and how they can deal with them. Children who are very much bookish in their childhood are not a good problem solver when they grow up. If we can teach them basic values and also teach them to implement it in their life, that would help them a lot. Like respecting others, and not to bother about people who don’t have any sense etc. They should know when to talk to people and when to avoid them without misbehaving with them.


One of the things which is hard to control is ourselves, yes, it is hard to control ourselves if we do not restrict on our unwanted desires. Let them know how important it is to control our mind and body. Let them follow a daily routine to understand that there is a particular time to do everything. Make meditation and yoga one of your daily schedules which can help them in understanding their self as well as control it.

Face Challenges

Challenges are part of our life, and they can come in any form. Teach your child to think of every problem as a challenge and face it with a smiling face. Let them know that challenges come to make us strong. So deal with it and move forward in life. Problems are challenges, they come to make us and not to break us.

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